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Friday, October 03, 2008

Retro Running (I love the 80's)

A blast from the past. Some 20 years ago...

From the time I entered kindergarten until I graduated from high school, the annual Family Fun Run was an event we've always enjoyed and looked forward to. My family literally grew up running around in circles. We initially ran as a family with our parents until we graduated to individual running categories. After, we'd bond over runs talking about PR's, raffle prizes and whatnots over a Jollibee or McDonald's breakfast. Pretty much the same things we enjoy at present. Oh, and waking up at the crack of dawn now is still just as difficult as it was back then. Some good things never change.

{Middle Child Syndrome}

A constant running companion now, my sister probably sat this one out since she wasn't wearing a finisher shirt (???)

I am so glad I didn't get my mom's hair!

Ooh, I think I got my dad's sexy, sexy, toned (muscular?!!) legs. hahaha.

I used to tower over my brother. Guess who grew an extra head in a span of 20 years! (Check out link for present (circa 2008) photo / blog entry.)

Note: Youngest brother came in 2 years after this photo was taken. Incidentally, he likes running too, and on occasion, had even stepped up a podium to bag a medal or two. He has the potential. Convincing him to wake up early is another story though.


  1. i love the shorts!! high-five to tito :p

  2. hahaha. I'll tell him that, Chach. SO, when will you and Javi don matching sexy shorts and (finally, finally, finally) join me for at least one run?!?! =)

  3. i think i also ran. see trophy in my hand =)
    hindi ko kinaya shorts ni dad. LOL!

  4. How come we don't get to win trophies anymore, 'no? Whaddya think happened??? hahaha.

  5. maybe we need dad in his short shorts to distract the other runners... hehe



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