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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Balance Power Run 2009: Raising Hope

The 2008 New Balance Run at Clark was one of the more memorable and challenging routes last year. Albeit a shorter (21K, as opposed to last year's 25K) and more familiar route in Fort Bonifacio, will this year's race prove to be tougher?

Only one way to find out. RUN!

See you there with your game face on.

WHAT: New Balance Power Run 2009: Raising Hope (3K/5K/10K/21K)
WHEN: 27 September 2009 (5.30 am)
Fort Bonifacio Global City

Run for hope. Run for cancer awareness.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Keeping It Real (Run For Home)

My Race Analysis
{Click on image to see a bigger view}

PhotoVendo Moment

"Huwaaaat??!! Hindi parin tapos???"
- janine, upon reaching the 20K mark and realizing that there's still a WHOLE block to run. hahaha. Ang sungit!

{Raw emotions caught on camera. Can you feel the anguish?}
{The finish line was so close, yet so far away.}

Video Finish (Run For Home)

Guilty as charged. Yes, I'm one of those who sped up whenever the magic mat was present. haha. Here I am (the girl in red shorts) sprinting to the finish line on my nth wind.

How's my form?
Did I land on my mid-foot?
Analyze me.
Oh drat. It's too small to see.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sunny In The Rain

{Race Bib & Running Chip}

{Runners Under Cover}
{Undercover Runners}

Maybe it's just me, but no matter how many races I've already joined, it's still amazing how excited I get when claiming my race kit. My bright yellow 21K race bib was just the perfect remedy for today's gloomy weather. =)

Another bright note: I had registered online as soon as the site went up (Excited!), and was charged P791 even if I was an existing Globe user. Then I learned some friends who would also be doing 21K, and were non-Globe users, only paid P300 (in Fitness First). When I inquired about this, Finishline was nice enough to tell us that there was a bug in the site (during the 1st day), and would be giving us a refund upon claiming our kits. Thanks to Vince of Finishline for being so accommodating!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Run. Donut. Fun. (REACh Run)

There were 3 things you needed to remember for this novel Saturday run:
1. Run.
2. Eat a doughnut (or four).
3. Have a lot of fun!

My sister and I arrived at Bonifacio High Street before 6 a.m. to officially register for the run (pre-registration was via email) which was to start at 7 a.m. The atmosphere that greeted us, albeit a little low-key compared to the usual races, was surprisingly festive for a small event with just a little over 200 participants. It reminded me of the Pringles Run, which was just as fun. You could feel the excitement in the air, especially when the Krispy Kreme crew reeled in boxes upon boxes of KK doughnuts. We couldn't wait for the race to start!

Since it was still a bit early, I decided to run a few laps around BHS to log in a few, and to try out my latest running song (on repeat mode. Obsessed much? haha). It was my first time to do a morning run in Fort without the crazy race crowd (yet). It was good. I made a mental note to go there more often.

When I got back to the starting point, I found my sister chatting up an old running buddy of ours. Looks like the lure of the fried dough with a hole was too tempting, hmm? ;) Hey, I'm all for it, if it'll get anyone up and running on an early Saturday morning.

The race started a few minutes past 7 a.m. As soon as we heard the go signal, everyone was off and running. And not just running, running really fast! Must be so that they'd be sure to get a piece of those doughnuts in the challenge zone. Myself included.

Surprisingly, running the 2.5 km was the easy part. Finishing 4 whole doughnuts, to be eligible to win, was the real challenge. When I got to the doughnut challenge zone, I spotted Running Fatboy already halfway into his first doughnut. We both decided to eat just one (I just finished half). I'm surprised to hear myself say this but, that feat was easier said than done. Really. You had to be there.

One by one, our friends trickled in. Of course, photo ops were a must. As soon as the last of the gang came in, we had our doughnut boxes numbered for reservation, and off we went to finish the rest of the race.

All in all, this run was definitely a HOLE LOTTA FUN!!!

{Stacks of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts}

{Early Bird Incentive}

{Mid-race Snack}

{Gigay's doughnut face. Mmmm!}
{Stuffed Running Fatboy}

{Dough I dare? Nah!}

{RFB and Burp: They're Baaack}

{Sugar Rush!!!}
{Fueled by Krispy Kreme and Rush}

{Little runner with a big appetite. Winner!}

{Happy Campers. After a fun doughnut run? Who wouldn't be?}

Friday, July 10, 2009

I Gotta Filling... Let's Dough It!

{I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas}

I'm all set with my running song for tomorrow's REACH Run A.K.A. The Doughnut Run A.K.A. the Paradox Run.

Running and doughnuts??!! Oh, come on! When my friend Running Fatboy asked me if I was joining that run, I initially said, "No way!" As much as I enjoy novelty runs (i.e. Pet Run, Halloween Run), I simply couldn't fathom the idea of running and eating a dozen doughnuts as a challenge (Do I want to die of high cholesterol or death by cavities? Hmm...). But apparently, you just have to eat one. So, okay, I'm in. Are you?

... I gotta filling...
... Let's dough it, let's dough it...


WHAT: Run, Eat And Help CHange the World
WHEN: 11 July 2009 (6 am)
WHERE: Bonifacio High Street (fronting Krispy Kreme)

Open to all serious runners, not-so-serious runners, moms, dads, senior citizens, teens, tweens, kids, babies and all those who believe that helping others should be fun and enjoyable.

Lots of prizes to be given away! Bring your friends and family and have a good time Running, Eating And helping to CHange the world! (For the benefit of Channel of Hope Foundation)

Race mechanics:
1) 1ST LEG: Run 2.5 kilometers from the starting point to the REACH challenge zone;
2) CHALLENGE: Eat four (4) Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts;
3) 2ND LEG: Run, or walk, 2.5 kilometers from the REACH challenge zone to the finish line

* You don’t have to eat all the doughnuts, but only those who complete both legs of the fun run and consume all four (4) doughnuts will be eligible to receive the GRAND or SECOND prizes.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

GIG: A Bite (GIG Run 2009)

{k2 GIG Run Gang's all here!}

{A Bunch of Posers}

Excitement was in the air from the bunch of people hailing from Ortigas. Mostly newcomers in running, our group was scattered in all three categories (2.2K, 5K, 10K) . Curiosity, peer pressure, a love for nature, and sheer addiction to competition fueled us for this UP, Diliman run. The weather was good, the atmosphere fun (costume!), the route challenging- all the elements needed to make this race, a first for some, extra memorable.

Excerpts from the run:
Runner # 2200 (2.2K): Next time, 5K na ako.
Runner # 1596 (5K): Sarap! When's the next run?
Runner # 1597 (5K): Promise, tumakbo ako. It's dri-fit!
Runner # 1595 (5K): Hehehe, I'm eating my words... I like this running running...
Runner # 1591 (5K): Let's check out that Nike Clinic in Ultra.
Runner # 504 (10K): Globe Run 21K!

After almost two years of lone running in the office, my Monday to Friday crew can finally speak RUN! (cue: Hallelujah SFX)

It still gives me goosebumps whenever I hear them talk about PRs, Tuesdays at Ultra (Nike Running Clinic), shin splints, and patella bands. And really, I still get a kick out of how obsessed and addicted they are. Long-term running plans are in the works, just as they are eating their words (Running... uhm, maybe not... Hah!). Guys, you make me so damn proud!

P.S. Much Kudos! to BFF, Chachi, for sitting through a whole year of listening to me talk about my running skeds, Sunday runs, lined up races, broken PRs, broken spirit (thanks for the pep talks!), and anything and everything running. Also, for FAKE Uh-huh-ing, Aah-ing, Ooh-ing, and nodding on cue- surely by default, due to proximity and title, but very much appreciated. Hoy, ikaw nalang. I'm holding you to your promise of joining the upcoming night runs ha!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Death Of A Toenail, Anticipating The Return, And Putting Your Best Face Forward


Three bridesmaid duties have come and gone, but my dead toenail is still the same- Dead. I was really hoping that I'd be polish-free this Sunday too. Such are the kikay pains of a runner.

Really, someone should come up with a faster (Break the PR!) solution for this soon.

I mean, you slather on sunscreen (A must!) to protect your skin, you get facials to rejuvenate it (I don't really do much of these, but I know I need to. On that note, check out this blog: Beauty For A Living), you wear shades to slow down those wrinkles, you apply petroleum jelly to avoid the blisters, guys say hello to nipple tape, but there's just no stopping dying toenails!

So, really, there's nothing to do but wait, keep on running (it's already dead anyway), and just choose from the yummy nail polish colors with a big smile plastered on your face.

To my dead toenail: Please, please, please grow out in time for Running Fatboy's wedding (my 4th BMD- bridesmaid duty for the year).

To Imes: Congratulations! I wish you all the best and happiness in this world. May you have gorgeous kids who will grow up and kick ass like his/her mommy and aunt Janine. hehe.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Nike+Adidas Sale in Megatrade. Wild!

I needed new running shorts. That's it. Resist the SALE temptation. IN-get my running shorts-OUT. Done.

Uhm, mission not quite accomplished...

Needless to say, I gave up. Not to mention, there wasn't much stuff left to buy anyway. And mind you, I went in the morning. My friend, who was lucky enough to get a bunch of stuff before it disappeared, waited in line (a stagnant one) for a time before finally giving up.

And this was just Day 1.

{5 days to spend!}

{People lining up to pay. Wild.}

{Where did all the shoes go?}

{There they are! Four shoes in one go. Lucky Duck.}
{Selling air and empty hangers.}

To the brave souls out there, GOOD LUCK!

I think I'll just go shopping in Second Wind Running Store. ;)


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