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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Free Day. Free Flicks. Free Thinkers.

This Saturday- Loosen up your laces, kick off your running shoes, and fill your afternoon with movies, movies, and more movies!

(I'm trading my DVD marathon afternoon for this one.)

Mainstream Loves Indie

Monday, February 02, 2009

View From The Top: A TreeTop Adventure

The nice thing about work is that you can always mix it with pleasure. The nice thing about 5 a.m. call time is that you will almost always have a 99% chance of finishing ahead of schedule. The nice thing about finishing ahead of schedule, is that you will have lots of time for post-work play. Guilt-free. Nice!

{The Canopy Walk amidst the trees.}

{The lengths and heights to get the perfect shot.}
{Note: Not part of the tour!}

After official business was done and over with, we decided that waking up way too early on a work day (I wouldn't really complain much had it been for a race. hehe) deserved a much needed reward- an adrenaline rush!

{Natural High}
{Doods, our TreeTop Adventure guide was a blast!
His spiels cracked us up the whole time.}

{We're soaring, flying...}

{Superman ride is a must!}

The ultimate adventure of soaring from tree to tree and zipping through lush greeneries is one thing you shouldn't miss in this tour. After reviews that it was more fun, I also tried riding this backwards (feet goes forward first). I have to say that I enjoyed the conventional style better. I guess I just love the feel of the wind on my face. Maybe that's why I enjoy running fast (naks!), galloping (not trotting) horses, and riding in (the first or last seat of) rollercoasters.

{View from the 60 ft. Drop Zone}

{Cybs, Rapelling Ozzie style ala Mission Impossible}

In line of doing something new, I decided to try rappelling down the Australian way, which is face first and has less control (Look ma, no hands!). I have a confession to make- I screamed bloody hell when I was dropped. I was shaking like a leaf even after I was safely on solid ground. But it was so worth the scare factor! Other ways down are the conventional style (the usual one you use in wall climbing) and the Spider/Lizard style which is upside down, head first. Think Spidey and MJ). I'm definitely trying the latter one the next time I go back.

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