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Monday, May 25, 2009

No Road Kill Here (Auto Review Run)

{2009 Mantra: A Good Year}
{Resolution: 100,000 kms?!! Um, riiight...}

With a "No Breaking PRs" goal, I enjoyed this run as it is- a good Sunday run. After what felt like a hiatus from running, feeling the excitement of before-the-race jitters was a surprising experience. It was nice. I hadn't felt that way for quite a while (Pause~ Senti smile).
As soon as the signal went off, everyone was scrambling like a kid in a candy store. I had to constantly remind myself that this was McKinley Hill- the route where uphill starting points kill you. Slow, steady, and no knee injuries was my goal. I guess it helped that I had spankin' new, super cushioned trainers to run in (Nike Span+ 6 Bowerman Series). My right heel had been bugging me lately (I probably have the makings of plantar fasciitis from wearing flats and sandals all the time), so I was extra cautious as I didn't want to aggravate anything lest that be the end of my running, ehem, career.
After the first climb, it was all steady running from there. I was expecting a continuation of the week's dreadful heatwave, so it's good that the weather was cooperative enough with a spattering of clouds, a light breeze, and abundant water stations. The sun came out just as I was exiting Heritage Park. Talk about timing (athough it would've been quite apt if I had died of a heatstroke there). =P
More than halfway done, Yay! As soon as I spotted the signages pointing to McKinley Hill, I sped up to salvage whatever mileage I could. Running downhill was exhilirating. But I was also listening to the voice inside my head chanting, "Knees. Slow. Knees. Slow." I reached the finish line a few minutes beyond my PR. All good, seeing that I had a great time and no near death experiences this time!
{With Jay (of Paul Calvin's Diner), siblings Mylene and Peter}

{Cheers! to running buddy, RFB.}
{Good luck in his first full marathon next week!
Hopefully, I'll catch up to him before the year ends. hehe}

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Human Calendar


Cool idea. =) Check out the calendar widget on my sidebar.
Oh, and there's a human clock site too!


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