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Monday, July 26, 2010

Wow, Legs! Ow, Lungs. And a Happy Anniversary.

{Running Personalized}

When I started running (and then blogging) a few years ago, I would arm myself with weekly races I've googled through two running websites- The Bull Runner and Then fledgling websites, I've witnessed their steady and successful growth as I built my running "career" with those websites at my fingertips. I've ran two marathons since.
And now, celebrates their 2nd anniversary with- surprise, surprise- a run!
This was easily one of the more popular races due to its personalized paraphernalia (singlets, race bibs, race banderitas- IF you can find your name among the 4,000++). Add to the fact that the running community just keeps multiplying, the support is simply awesome.
Personally, my time sucked. haha. It was like going back in a time machine, and logging a PR as if this was my first 10K run (Eeeps!). But just like going back in time, I was enjoying the run, as if it was indeed, my first 10K run. Sure, my lungs felt like it hasn't been used for a while (in fairness, it really wasn't). But my legs felt terrific just running away, especially since those things haven't been used in a while as well! I was running just like when I started running. No iPod, no watch, no frills, no expectations. Just rusty, old me, the road, and a new favorite drink, Powerade Red. Yep, now you're right up there with Gatorade Blue. ;)
Congratulations to Jinoe and Que and the soon-to-be little runner for a successful run (and I mean that in more ways than one)!

{With Per}

{It's only apt to be with my first running buddies.}

Download the Runfest results here.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Early Mornings After

Oh wow, it's been a week since the last FIFA football match, and I still haven't fully recovered from those vampirical hours (hmm, I wonder if Netherlands have "recovered" already?). Today, I tried to wake up for an early morning run (I need to get my groove back!), but my body just wouldn't cooperate. At all!

As much as I loved watching the World Cup, my body is now reminding me that with age comes wisdom... and a longer recovery period. Not to mention how lack of sleep really wreaks havoc to my complexion too! Sigh, learning the hard way always suck.

So, in lieu of my endorphin fix, I want to try Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate because it would be hitting two birds with one stone. Sleep early = Run more. Gorgeous complexion = Well, gorgeous complexion! I mean, what more is there to say? An athletic lifestyle (and apparently, an athletic supporter's. haha) can expose you to all those harsh elements. We pamper our bodies, we indulge in new gear, we eat the right supplements, so who's to say that a drop or two of vanity can't go a long way?

And since I've been making deals with the Universe already, what's one more plea, eh? (Especially when my Dear-Universe-Please-let-Spain-win shtick worked amazingly well.) So, here goes... Dear Universe, I hope I win my very own bottle of Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate from Beauty For A Living! ;)
{AFTER PHOTO: Unpublishable}

RUN, [insert name here], RUN!!!

{ Runfest Personalized Race Bib}
Woo-hoo! I got my Runfest race kit in the mail yesterday. There's nothing like brand-spankin' new running digs to force you back into running. And there's nothing like a big, bold personalized race bib to force you into running fast(er)! haha
My lone race for this month. I'm so looking forward to feeling the concrete under my feet once again.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Adiós, el Fútbol. Hola de Nuevo, Correr!

Adiós, FIFA. Voy a verlo en Brasil el año 2014.
(Goodbye, FIFA World Cup. I shall see you in Brazil in 2014)
To those who didn't know, the FIFA World Cup 2010 finals boiled down to the orange team (Team Oranje) against the red furies (La Furia Roja). Netherlands V Spain.
To add more excitement to the championships, I made a deal with the Universe. If Netherlands come out victorious, I run in the Amsterdam Marathon (October). If Spain wins, I go on a sabbatical and do artsy-fartsy stuff in Barcelona.
2010 FIFA World Champions- Spain! Hmm, I guess I can squeeze in the Barcelona Marathon (March) as well. ;) How's that for a win-win situation? Channeling "The Secret"...
.And now that the month long football fever is over, we can hopefully go back to our regular programming- running!
Hello again, my friend. I missed you terribly.


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