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Monday, October 20, 2008

Troopin' at the Botak Run

{photo from Schlagger. Thanks again!}

I'm sick, so I'm keeping this post-Botak Run post short and bittersweet.

It was hot.

The feeling was a deja vu of an infamous, infinite 15K Run when upon reaching the halfway mark, water was still non-existent. It was nice running into familiar faces during the race, although I wasn't quite sure if they were real or just a mirage... It was scorching hot. Was it just me or were there Stormtroopers marching alongside runners? Hmm...

I'm torn between a little bored and a little relieved that the 10K route was looped. On one hand, you know just how many more steps you'd be running 'til you reach paradise. On the other hand, it's a Been There-Done That deal.

Surprisingly, crossing the finish line with pants and gasps that would rival Darth Vader's, finish with a satisfying time, I did! (Did I get the Yoda-speak right?)

{My running buds are back!}

{Meeting new friends. Vener of Run Unltd.}


  1. That was hot indeed, I was also pushed to the max. Anyway, we should adapt, rain or shine we should run. Happy running, see you again.

  2. i didn't feel hot at all! and i did so much better this time. yay for me!

  3. hi to janine+,

    m trying to expand my running friends by putting a group of running enthusiasts in facebook. just would like to ask permission if i can link your blog url. btw, i agree, it was hot indeed during the botak race, since it started past 6am already.


  4. pahabol lang, click my name for the url of the group.


  5. Hi Run Unltd. You're right. But just like breaking a PR, it's easier said than done! haha (Well, at least for me). It was great seeing you and Queenie again. =)

  6. Congrats, for keeping a cool head, jinides! Next time, I should take your cue and B.Y.O.B. (Bring Youe Own Bootled Drink)

  7. Hi Serge. Thanks for dropping by and for adding me to your elite, enthusiastic, energetic group. I'm honored. =) See you in future runs!



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