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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Up for Scaling New Sights

I had a somewhat productive -not to mention, impromptu- training day yesterday. What was supposed to be a quick in & out errand stretched out longer than I expected. So instead of focusing my energy in complaining, I've decided to make use of the time and actually do some calorie burning in the process.

{Up Down, Up Down, Up Down}
{Yes, this is me, training for my Urbanathlon vertical sky run.}

I had to wait a bit for to register for the Corregidor run, but I'm not complaining (Can anyone say Adidas KOTR 2009 Expo??!! 3 hours of my life I won't be able to take back. Ugh.). I'm just glad that I was still able to get a slot considering how fast the race kits are disappearing (I first contacted Hector of Second Wind Runnning Store the night before, but they're all out of kits na daw!). As of yesterday, the Corregidor run had 500 registered participants out of the alloted 750 already. And it's just less than a week since they opened registration. Wow. With this run moonlighting as a tourist attraction (or is it the other way around?), I can't say I'm all that surprised at the turnout. This was a really good idea to boost tourism in the country. It'll be my first time to visit Corregidor. And I can't wait to see it on foot- all 16 kilometers of it.

The Conquer Corregidor race kit comes with the ferry boarding pass (round trip) and the lunch buffet (whoo-hoo!) slip. The singlet will be distributed on race day (December 6, 2009).

{10 Mile Conquer Corregidor Race Kit}

My first Urbanathlon experience challenged me to do my first 10K run way back in 2007. It was the start of a relationship with longer distances, not to mention the realization that I have ZERO upper body strength. This year, the Men's Health Urbanathlon tackles a new feat- the vertical sky run. Aside from the 5/10K run and the usual obstacles (I hate marine hurdles!), the route now passes through a building. From what I hear, there are 15 floors to scale. Is this true? I can usually go 7 flights without stopping (that's 7 without the 4th floor. hehe) on a normal day, so anything more than that is really a feat for me.

The Urbanathlon Race Kit (registration is at Runnr Store, BHS) includes the race bib and a copy of Men's Health November issue. Inside the magazine is an Urbanathlon training plan. You still have 10 days to cram for it. A finisher shirt will be given at the finish line.

{My 10K Urbanathlon Race Kit}

Friday, November 06, 2009

Martinis & Aprons

{Martinis & Aprons: A Lifestyle Cookbook for Those Who Like to Entertain}
{Available in Fully Booked}

I may not have achieved my full marathon dreams for this year (Subic and Singapore was a bust). Call me a drama queen, but I think it's suffice to say that I have gone through the same rigorous work and training that goes with it. Lo and behold, after almost 2 years in the making, the 487-page lifestyle cookbook is finally out!

Working with the rest of the team (I miss all the characters already) was an exhilirating experience. It was fun (with admittedly a dash of frustration at times), educational (I can "finger test" a steak in my sleep), and a real test of patience and compromise. Pacing was on a whole different level here- I have so much to learn. But despite all the drama and delays, crossing the finish line will always be worth all that hard work.

So please, pardon the shameless plugging, but I do hope this labor of love (blood, sweat, and tears included) and a semblance of a marathon finds its way into your Christmas lists.

Oh, and did I mention that the proceeds will go to charity too? ;)

{Both hardbound and softbound versions include handy pull-outs.}

{This was the cover that didn't make it. What do you think? Can you spot the difference?}

Check out a sample recipe here.


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