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Monday, October 06, 2008

The Elusive Adidas KOTR

{A Collector's Item ???}

Just when I was ready to say "Hit the road, Das!", I finally managed to get a King of the Road race kit. I've been hearing about how this race had been selling like hotcakes, but I wasn't expecting how hard it was to get one. I imagine the amount of effort in getting this kit is probably at par with snagging tickets to the LaSalle-Ateneo finals. And to think it wasn't even a last minute thing for me. The (10K) race kits and ladies' singlets were just always out-of-stock, thus the delay in actually registering weeks ago.

Four malls and a number of "consolation" purchases after, I managed to get my hands on the last 21K race kit in MOA (Mall of Asia). I was initially deliberating between my usual 10K or going for my first half marathon, but I wasn't quite sure if I was ready to go beyond my farthest 16K run. This was probably a blessing in disguise, as this draught forced me to make a painless decision. No choice is the best choice. hahaha. I guess it was meant to be.

A fellow runner, who was also supposed to run in the KOTR (his first "public" appearance after years of running solo) and I had a few theories as to why it ran out so fast (pardon the pun):
  • It was said to have been heavily promoted at the UAAP games (I really wouldn't know, I only watch the last quarter of the LaSalle/Ateneo games). So, there will be a lot of newbies who will probably join. Fresh meat for the running bug to bite into!
  • The singlets, which are really nice, that normally retails at around P500, can be acquired for only P300 if registered.
  • Another friend, who doesn't run (or even want to), was "encouraged" by her employer to partake in the company sports activity. In which her ultimate plan was to just walk and chika lang. The big, bad company probably got a big, fat corporate discount. Hey, I'm all for non-runners to give marathons a shot, but what about us "real" (I'm using this term loosely, okay?) runners who actually enjoy and crave for it? You can keep the singlet, but can I please have the race number?!!
  • The running bug has started the infestation!
See you at the KOTR. =)


  1. hmm... buti pala maaga kaming nag-reg. hehe. :) heard similar comments when i was getting the singlets in trinoma... apparently they ran out of kits/singlets.

  2. Hi schlagger. I know, a lot of my friends won't be joining this bec. they ran out of kits. Hopefully the event won't be too much like a circus din, based on the sheer number of participants (I'm guessing it's a lot!) But it should be fun. =) Good luck on Saturday!



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