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Friday, September 05, 2008

Post-Nike Human Race (Plus More Perks)

Save for a few uphill whinings, the culmination of the Nike (Philippines) Human Race held in McKinley Hills resulted in nothing but great reviews. A job well done by the organizers, their collaborators and sponsors. It was a damn good run.

As if a half-naked Jake Cuenca ~sigh~ on the cover of Men's Health Magazine wasn't enough...

{Running Fatboy's swag. See anything (or anyone) swoon-worthy?}

Participants of the race also get a 10% discount at R.O.X. (Bonifacio High Street in Fort) from August 31-September 15, 2008. Just be sure to bring your race bib or the Photovendo souvenir as proof.

Also, as a finisher prize to those who joined the Human Race, downloadable workout music and training programs are available at

My First 10K
Treadmill Workout

More on Nike+ Sportmusic here.

Human Race Shout-Outs
To my running buds (in the flesh and online), who make every run a new experience, but always just as fun. Keep on running!
To the Men of the Swoosh: Hector, for texting friendly tips on the route of the race. Not that the uphill warnings did me any good (haha), but muchos gracias still! Jerwin, for lending me his iPod armband and saving my arms from another chafing (that's tiangge buys for you).

To (my) blurred vision of the man with glasses in a bright, blue singlet- my new running friend, Henry- who practically paced me from the 6 km mark, up and down, until the end. Thank you. I would've hated myself for walking.

{Running Buddies- Jinides, janine+, Running Fatboy, Perper Oven}
{Yo Bro, JerwinHo!}
{New Meets Over Eats- Neville, Hector, Grace, Paolo}
{A milestone for Jinides. Her first 10K.}
{Uploading the runs and being part of Nike+ history.}

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