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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baguio Bound and Running with A Gutless Chicken

The day before I left for a weekend in Baguio, I received a text from my friend telling me to 'bring ur gym stuf'. Too late, I thought. It's already been packed!

Usually the lone early riser, I was all set to run around the area by myself while I wait for friends to wake up for breakfast. Little did I know that they were one step ahead of me and had already anticipated squeezing in a workout or two in our Baguio getaway.

Unfortunately, what we didn't anticipate was a tiring road trip, an inuman & isaw-fest at Nevada Square, and a non-ringing alarm clock. Oh yes, and how could I forget, the seductive pull of vacation mode.

Fortunately for me, my roomies were persistent enough to shake me out of that hypnotic state and shame me- me, the supposed runner, into gearing up and lacing up my running shoes.

It was 9 a.m. when we finally hit the track. One hour short of my the-sun-is-bad-at-this-time excuse for not running. After paying the P35 fee to use the track in Teacher's Camp, we proceeded to burn the round of beer winnings from cabin fever Black Jack and the isaw (barbequed chicken intestines) calories away.

The air was cool with hints of pine wafting about. It was great! Although I'm not quite sure if it was the thinner Baguio air or that one last stick of isaw that had me breathing harder than usual... I do wish that we had woken up earlier to have been able to run more without the sun beating down on us. Still, it was a great workout. The next time I go back there, I'm literally aiming higher and hitting the uphills!

{Mid-morning run in scenic Teacher's Camp, Baguio.}

{Baguio-bound Running Buddies: Miguel, Bem, Tootsie}

{Treated ourselves to FRESH strawberry taho for good behavior. Yum!}

{2nd Breakfast}
{Purple Oven's Cinnamon Rolls (baon from Manila) are best popped in the toaster and browned to cream cheese perfection. Mmm...}


  1. ooh! i want that strawberry taho!

  2. Super yummy! You know it's fresh talaga bec. it's more tart than sweet. =)



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