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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Just Chillin'

Knees Under Repair

Just chillin'. 

Will blog soon. :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ako'ymaysugat Anonymous: That Healing Touch

Clockwise from top left: Contractubex endorser, doctor, athlete, actress Maricar Reyes; Dra. Len talks about the magic of Contractubex; Real Scar Stories from entrepreneur Belle, Taekwondo athlete Janice, and Maricar; Pampered by Posh Nails; and goodies from Contractubex including an inspiring "I've Moved On" leather bracelet
What do you get when you group together a bunch of scarred ladies? No, it wasn't patients waiting in the lobby of a Belo Clinic, nor was it in a ladies locker room of a grueling sports arena. It was, in fact, a day of pampering and healing at Posh Nails nail salon in Perea St., Makati (Thanks to the fine folks of Contractubex and FUSE Omnicon Media).

Welcome to Ako'ymaysugat Anonymous.

Scars are part of life. Whether you're a kid, an athlete, a mom, a dad, a motor skill-challenged person... Accidents can happen any time. Big or small, most scars are hard to erase- but it doesn't have to be. Contractubex, a topical ointment for scars, can help erase those ugly deformations.

At the event, we were treated to scar-y stories from 3 lovely ladies- Belle, an entrepreneur, who had a gash on her forehead from tripping over something in the dark; Janice, a national Taekwondo player, had scars from a sporting injury; and Maricar, an actress, who got cuts and bruises from shooting action scenes. They shared their stories and their first hand experiences in the healing touch of Contractubex. Wow, I've had scars since I could start walking (you can just imagine how that multiplied when I started running, jumping, etc.), so I kind of got excited about this magical product that can make ugly scars disappear. In fact, it can even work on old scars! Contactubex has actually been around for a while, but this was the first time I've heard of it. Luckily, we were given samples. I can't wait to try it out on the latest acquisition in my scar collection. haha.

Goodbye (in two months), gross ugly dark scar shaped like my brother's dog's teeth. The Contractubex Scar Erase Project starts NOW.*

*Product review to follow.

Meanwhile, scroll down to know more about Contractubex!

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Press Release:

Contractubex: There’s always sunshine after the rain!

Uh-oh, August…have you come with many dark skies ahead?
Mr. Sun seems to be on the run these days. While the scorching weather has tamed, the clouds have erupted with occasionally angry showers. Sometimes, try as we may to keep a sunny outlook, the weather sets a gloomy tone, and can remind us of things we may have regretted in the past. Some mistakes we have made – like a slip or an unintentional fall – can result to a few unwanted scars we’d rather keep to ourselves.

Let the rain wash away the things you want to forget.
Who wants a scar to remind them of a past mistake? Perhaps it was a result of an embarrassing fall in public, an accidental slip because of the slippery sidewalk (darn rain!), or a burn from boiling water for that mug of hot cocoa and marshmallows. While some memories are worth keeping, a scar left behind isn’t always a favorite remembrance.

Different types of scars:

Raised or hypertrophic scarconfined to the area of the original skin injury; forms after the healing of the wound and is caused by overproduction of connective tissue fibers; tends to bulge and protrude above level of surrounding skin

Keloid Also results from overproduction of connective tissue fibers and tend to bulge above the level of the surrounding skin beyond the original wound edges

After the rain comes sunshine – and on better days, a rainbow!
Summer’s long gone – but this shouldn’t dampen your sprits! Don’t let any scar keep you from hiding under your umbrella. Turn your rainy days into the best days of your life! Let the rain showers erase the past and open your heart to better, brighter days. Now you can, with Contractubex! Contractubex is a clinically proven treatment that combines the triple action of Cepae Extract, Heparin and Allantoin to help reduce the appearance of these unsightly marks on your skin.

You may notice that there are several other scar treatments available in the market today. What makes Contractubex different from other silicone-based scar treatments is that its ingredients help reduce inflammation and prevent excessive scar formation. Its water-soluble ointment base allows active ingredients to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin.

1.       Cepae Extract
 - obtained from onions
- anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect
- reduces swelling and prevents excessive growth of connective tissue

2.    Heparin
        - loosens the tissue structure
        - anti-inflammatory effect
        - hydrates scar tissue

3.       Allantoin
- encourages wound healing
- has a soothing effect

Contractubex comes in a gel form that makes for its easy application on the skin. Just gently massage Contractubex on the affected area 3-4 times a day or as prescribed by your doctor.  Results may be seen after at least 3 months of use. You’ll know that Contractubex is working when you notice a reduction in redness, relief of tension and less itching on the scar area. Contractubex works best when applied to fresh scars, when the wound has closed or when the sutures have been removed.

Don’t lose hope when you don’t see results early on. Contractubex works slowly but efficiently in improving your scar. As long as you follow instructions carefully, and are consistent in applying it on your scars, you’ll soon be free from the past – and be a completely new YOU, just like a rainbow after the storm!

Product Overview of Contractubex

What is Contractubex?
Contractubex® is an anti-scar gel that helps lighten, flatten and soften scars. It also helps make the scar smoother and more pliable.

How does it work?
Contractubex® exerts a softening and smoothing effect on hypertrophic scars and keloids, painful and cosmetically disfiguring scars, burns and contractures.
Contractubex® contains 3 complementary active ingredients:

1. Extractum cepae  (special onion extract) has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal properties and prevents the formation of excessive scar tissue.
2. Heparin softens the tissue structure, has anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling and hydrating properties
3. Allantoin promotes wound healing, hydrates the skin and has a soothing effect which helps relieve the itching often associated with scar formation

How is Contractubex® applied?
Ideally, Contractubex® gel should be gently massaged 3-4x daily for at least 3 months. Apply only to wounds that are already closed. Start at the centre and work towards the edges, massaging the gel gently into the scar. Continue with a small, circular motion until Contractubex® is completely absorbed.

How soon can I see results?
Depending on the degree and size of the existing scar or contracture, treatment will be necessary for several weeks. Good results can be achieved after consistent application for at least 3 months.

How long should I continue to apply Contractubex®?
You can continue the treatment up to a year, if necessary.

Can children be treated with Contractubex®?
There are studies on the efficacy of Contractubex® in pediatric patients and showed no side effects on children. However, parents must consult their doctor prior to using Contractubex® on their children

Can Contractubex® be used for old scars?
It may be used for old scars however, results may be inconclusive and there might be a need for prolonged length of application.

What are the available preparations for Contractubex?
Contractubex® is sold in 10 g and 20 g gel.

Where can you buy Contractubex?
Contractubex® is available in all leading drugstores nationwide. It retails for Php 550 for 10g gel and Php 970 for 20g gel in Mercury Drug.

Friday, August 09, 2013

The Stuff Scars are Made Of

A colleague and I were talking about a campaign we had to come up with- something about how tablets, mobile phones, and online games are replacing traditional childhood toys and games. We were stumped! Mainly because we probably refused to believe that this is how the new generation perceives fun.

Scars are a scarcity nowadays. And I'm not quite sure it's a good thing. I had countless scars throughout my childhood (and even as I grew into adulthood. haha). From stitches on my chin, to knees that resembled a tocino, every scar held a memory.

It reminded me of days spent running on the grass while dribbling a football with my teammates; Falling UP the stairs while playing cops & robbers with my siblings; Tripping over my two left feet, and laughing about it.

Scars, to me, meant getting off my butt and ACTUALLY MOVING. Experiencing. Living.

I wear my scars with pride.

Well, maybe except on days when I'm all dolled up in a mini skirt. ;)

Here's a throwback of my collection of scars. From the good, the bad, and the fugly (funny-ugly). What's your scar story?

The GOOD Scar
1. Blocking a goal from the other team
2. Winning a bet jumping over a hurdle (I was 8. My younger brother bet me I couldn't jump over a counter chain at the supermarket. I did. My prize was six bloody stitches and a lesson in determination... and humility).
3. Rescuing an old lady from being hit by a train (Just kidding! I made that super hero story up.)

Canine Crime Scene
*Sorry for the graphic content. It wasn't as bad as it looks.
The BAD Scar
1. Getting a bad burn from firecrackers
2. Spilling newly boiled water on my thighs (NEVER transfer boiling water to a glass pitcher EVER. Let it cool down first.)
3. Being a casualty from two warring dogs (Even my dogs have scars. :( ~sigh~)

Kris Kross' Jump!

The FUGLY Scar
1. Falling UP the stairs while playing cops & robbers
2. Sliding down the school corridor while dancing to Kris Kross'  Jump! on a rainy day (Am I revealing what era I came from with this blog post?)
3. Tripping over my two left feet AFTER a run (See blog post here.)

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

I Eat Stairs for Lunch

I haven't been running. There are too many excuses. But when an opportunity arises for some L.I.T.E. training*, one should always take that extra step...

Why, hello there, old friends. I shall see you all again soon! ;)

*More on this next time!


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