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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Pink Ribbon Running (The Anniversary Run)

Running at the Takbo! Breast Friends 2008 run in Ultra last Sunday felt like deja vu. I remember passing landmarks and thinking the same motivational Kaya mo pa yan! thoughts. Unlike last year's run though, I have thoughtfully paced myself to last the 10K uphill route (I learn from my mistakes. See older post, An Ode to October Running).

I did a 5K for my first run last year, so naturally, I graduated to a 10K this year. I breezed through the first 5K with a nice, steady pace that it was so tempting to just run straight to the finish line and not continue the full 10K. I felt really good about my performance so far. I'm thinking it was probably a record breaking (personal) record.

I probably spoke too soon, because right around the 6.5Km mark, I felt my legs and shoulder blades start to burn. I pushed myself to ignore the pain and sudden exhaustion, but it was pretty persistent. Sad to say, I walked a few times, mostly on the uphill area (which was really steep). At one point, I even saw a PNP running uphill in a squatted, duck-walk position. It looked effortless, albeit kind of ridiculous. If I wasn't too tired, I would've tried doing it his way as well. haha. Maybe next time.

I finished the run in an okay time for an uphill route. It's just a little annoying that I can't seem to get out of the 10K-1 hour and 5-10 minute rut I've noticed I've been having for the past few runs...

Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable run. As much as I complain about uphill routes, I really do like how it challenges and varies my pace and perspective. Although I don't have the numbers to back it up now, I'm fairly certain I've improved a lot as a runner since last year.

I'm running my first 21K this weekend (Adidas KOTR). Here's hoping my first attempt would be just as fun to drive me to go for a full marathon next!

{Happy 1st Anniversary!}

{Jinides and PerperOven}

{With Coach Rio and Running Fatboy)


  1. congrats on your anniv run janine. :)

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary run. I have witnessed that it was an easy piece of cake for you. I believe you are ready for the half.

    Good luck then, see you around.

  3. Thanks for the confidence boost, run unltd. I'm hoping to just survive the half unscathed. hehe.



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