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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Race Details: FIC Run 2012

FIC RUN 2012
Four Channels, Four Lifestyles, Four Races….
Choose One and Join Fox International Channels’
Fun Run On March 25, 2012

Press Release

Fox International Channels (FIC) provides a bit of each TV channel’s flavor and a whole lot of fun in the FIC Fun Run on March 25, 2012 at the Bonifacio Global City. Participants can play dress up, hobnob with celebrities and support a worthy cause.

The event gives runners the opportunity to choose and participate in any of the four races organized by FIC featuring different lifestyle themes representing its four key channels. It will have four race categories that include an advocacy marathon aimed at raising funds to support the various projects of partner non-government organizations (NGOs).

Participants may register in the 500m Fox Costume Run, 3K Star Movies Blockbuster Run, 5K Star World Lifestyle and the 10K Nat Geo Run For a Cause. Those who are interested to join may register either via online or phone, at RunRio stores (BHS and Katipunan) and event partner stores. Participants may choose their singlet according to the channel and label they wish to run with.

Come dressed in your favorite character and run alongside fellow enthusiasts and sponsor mascots in the 500m Fox Costume Run. Fifty runners in costume will compete and make a dash for the finish line. Limited edition Fox DVD will be raffled off after the race.

Star Movies rolls out the red carpet for movie aficionados in the 3K Star Movies Lifestyle Run where writers, film producers and movie directors are expected to show their support to the event. For a bit of a movie trivia and a tad of inspiration, popular quotes from movie characters will be setup along the course. A home entertainment system is up for grabs in the raffle draw.

Run with panache – this is the battle cry of lovers of fashion and fitness when they run the 5K Star World Lifestyle Run featuring a red carpet along the route to mimic the paparazzi scene. Brush elbows with models, celebrities and other prominent personalities expected to show up in their running shoes. If you’re feeling lucky, you might just bring home gift certificates for a shopping spree at the end of the race.

Have fun while reaching out to others in the 10K National Geographic Run for a Cause. The race is in partnership with 10 select non-government organizations and seeks to raise awareness for their respective advocacies. Among the partner NGOs are Physicians for Peace, ICANSERVE Foundation, Virlanie, Greenpeace, Philippine Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, World Vision and Gawad Kalinga. The first 500 registrants will compete in the name of their advocacy.

Are you a budding Producer, Writer, or Director?

Channel you inner Fashionista, Celebrity, and Model!

Because you can and you care. ;)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Save the Date! 2012 Run United-Run Rio Trilogy

2012 Run United - Run Rio Trilogy Schedule

2012 Run United 1

2012 Run United 1 Singlet

2012 Run United 1 Race Belt

2012 Run United Trilogy Medals

Friday, February 10, 2012

CONTEST WINNERS: How To Finish 60 Flights of Stairs in 60 Minutes

Yesterday, Skechers Philippines gave me ten (10) Discovery Vertical Race 5K race kits to give away to ten crazy readers. Thanks for sharing your gameplan, guys! It was a blast reading them. Now you need a new gameplan because your secret has been revealed. ;)

And the winners of a (1) 5K race kit are: 
1. Christopher Iblan  
2. Alison I. Barrero
3. Claridel Guanseng
4. Richard Francia
5. Leticia Guilas
6. Elvin A. Evalla
7. Leandro Clor
8. Jarowin Villaruel
9. Leonard Clor
10. Hanna Rose Pua

You can claim your race kits in Skechers store in Market!Market! this afternoon (1 PM onwards) until tomorrow. February 10-11 (Mall Hours).  And while you're at it, check out their line of barefoot running shoes Skechers GO RUN. Congratulations! Enjoy the race. Go crazy! GO RUN!

Check out their Crazy Runners' Gameplan on HOW TO FINISH 60 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS IN 60 SECONDS...

1. I will set myself on a giant catapult, angry bird style!
2. I'll set myself in a pulley system. The cable's ends are for me and weights (probably double my weight). Probably, wearing a cape for my debut flight. :)
3. I will wear sexy running attire to distract my opponent para maunahan ko sila.
4. I'll bring my bodyguards to wash away the other runners.
5. I will eat a lot of chocnuts para hyper!!
6. I will put a spring on my feet so that I can jump several steps and leapfrog on other runners.
7. I will practice as early as now to win.
8. I will take lots of energy drink to be stronger and faster.
9. I will wear nothing soI'll be lighter during the run.
10. I will ask for powers from my ancient Chinese relatives.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

How To Win Vertical Run Race Kits

Christmas may be over, but Skechers Philippines is still in a very giving mood. I recently blogged about how I won a pair of really awesome shoes here. And since I'm pretty much still psyched from that piece of good fortune, I'm sharing the love of winning!

I'm giving away ten (10) race kits to the Discovery Vertical Run 2012 to be held this Sunday, February 12 in McKinley Hills.

(For more details on the Discovery Vertical Run 2012, check out Gigi A.K.A. The Fit Mommy A.K.A. My GO RUN Nemesis' blog.)

Just tell me your gameplan on HOW TO FINISH 60 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS IN 60 SECONDS. Of course, we all know that's a purely rhethorical question. So, just go ahead and go crazy with your comments (i.e. I'll strap a rocket to my back and zoom up while singing Far East Movement's Rocketeer).

Out of the box ideas are more than welcome!

The first ten (10) people to comment on this blog post will win one (1) Vertical Run 2012 race kit for the Skechers GO RUN 5K category (no stairs for this one though). The only rule is that there is no rule. 'Coz really, sometimes you just have to do something crazy once in a while to win. ;)

Oh, and don't forget to put your FULL NAME as part of the comment. ;)

NOTE: I will be leaving the names of the first ten (10) commenters at the Skechers Store in Market! Market!. You can claim your race kits there from Friday-Saturday (Feb 11-12). If someone is claiming on your behalf, just have an authorization letter ready.

How To Win Really Awesome Shoes

Skechers? Running? Really???

Those were the first things that popped into my head when Skechers Philippines invited us runner-bloggers to the launch of their minimalist shoe, the Skechers GO RUN series. To be honest, I was so used to associating Skechers as a lifestyle and "street dance" shoe rather than an athletic brand, that I was a bit skeptical and a lot curious.

Being the early bird in the bunch, I was able to browse through their selection of running shoes in peace. Aesthetically speaking, Skechers GO RUN is actually in the running (pardon the pun) for being one of the best-looking athletic shoes in the market. The collection boasts of rainbow hued trainers- one for each day of the week and more! My eyes quickly gravitated towards the neon blue ones, and I remember thinking "Yep, I want you".

Skechers GO RUN features SmartShoe technology for a mid-foot strike.
(Notice how the shoe doesn't lay flat? Now that's smart.)

Impulse sensors are strategically placed for enhanced sensory feedback.
As soon as the rest of the runner-bloggers arrived at the Skechers store in Market!Market!, the event started with Skechers GO RUN endorser and Runner's World Philippines' cover girl, Michelle Estuar, giving a testament on how awesome Skechers GO RUN is.

(Continue reading and you'll see how I became a convert...)

Michelle Estuar

After all that technical talk, it was time for a few fun and games. Apparently, those treadmills sitting around the event area wasn't for a demo, but for a running contest! And since I was already clad in my running outfit (there was a dress code), I naturally volunteered. ;) Natch! (Okay, maybe there was a little bit of that competitive spirit hovering too.)

I was grouped with fellow long distance runners, Gigi (32K) and (102K), all of us admittedly competitive, but more importantly, loved the would-be prize: a pair of Skechers GO RUN shoes. Those alone were reason enough to get on that treadmill and run as fast as we could to be the first to reach 500m.
Gigi and me hamming it up.
Let's get rrrready to rrrumble!!!

My heart was pounding so hard.

I haven't been the most diligent runner lately, so to be paired with accomplished runners was both a thrill and a threat. But, hey, I've never been one to back down from a challenge, and it's all in the spirit of fun anyway.

But yes, I do have a gameplan. Since this would be a race to finish first, I kind of decided that pacing would be out of the question. Half a kilometer of intense running was, umm, doable...

The countdown begins, and off we go!

I started off on #5 speed on the treadmill for a few seconds and quickly leveled up to 10. I was feeling strong. 11... 12... 13... Whoa, this is kinda fun! 14... 15... I think I can do more. 16... aaand then hurriedly went back to 15. Oops, no I can't. I was laughing so hard in my head. Whew, almost flew off the treadmill there! I stayed on level 15 until I heard the spotter yell out Done! Then immediately stopped and jumped off the conveyor belt (Kids, don't do that at home!). What a rush!!! I felt exhilarated. It didn't even register right away that I had already won.

This is what exhilaration looks like. A little unruly, but great!

I walked around to cool myself down afterwards. Truthfully, I kind of saw spots for a bit, but that was such a trippy experience. Not to mention so cool that I won really awesome shoes! They were surprisingly really soft and comfortable. It was like running on air. I'm definitely a believer.

So to sum the night up (and I'm pretty sure everyone else felt the same thing too), win or lose, it was a good run!

Bernice of Skechers awarding the winners with a pair of GO RUN shoes.
Yay! Congrats to everyone!

Thank you, Skechers, for the awesome event. Can't wait to use those baby blues on my next road run.

P.S. Blog post on my Skechers GO RUN shoe review during the Condura Marathon 2012 coming up!

Blogger celebrities and a soon-to-be Hollywood royalty. ;)

Running Fatboy and Main Men with Michelle Estuar.

Couldn't resist. She's soooo fluffy!

Looks like little man couldn't resist too! So cute. Both of 'em. ;)

Class Picture


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