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Monday, June 06, 2011

There's Something About Orange

There's something about orange that makes me want to run.

If there's a color for running, then mine would probably be orange. This I serendipitously discovered while shopping for new workout gear with my friend, Lisa, in BHS.

After a long text consulation with my inside man, Mr. Nike Shoe Specialist (not to mention after half an hour of squatting and making "running start" poses to know if it could adapt to my moves), I had narrowed down my choices to the WMNS Air Pegasus+, Lunarelite+ 2, until I finally decided on the Nike Lunarglide+ 2 for its stability and cushioning. .

We were shopping in the middle of the day, so I had loads of time to make a decision on the model of the shoe. Oh, but wait, then there's that superficial issue on what COLOR to get...

I was torn between orange and purple. And when I say torn, I really mean t-o-r-n. Fellow geminis can relate.

After much deliberation, I gave in to the footwear version of the orange Stabilo Boss highlighter. I then realized that most of my past running shoes were also orange/gray combos.

So, then it got me (over)analzing more. What is it about orange? I mean, I did dedicate a freakin' blog post to this thought!

Maybe because...

Orange (and yellow) reminds me of sunrise, traffic cones, a citrusy tower of fluffy breakfast pancakes.

Whereas purple reminds me of dusk, lavander tea, things that make me go Ohm...

I dunno, there's just something about orange that makes me wanna run.

What about you? What's your color for run?

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

21 Kilometers, 16 Roadkills, 1 Clean Run (Greenfield Clean Air Run 2011)

{Running Fatboy and Me- Gasping for air while attempting to give an easy post-21K smile for the camera.
Di halata that we're dying inside 'no? ;)}
{Thanks for the pics, Running Atom!}

Hello, Greenfield. We meet again.

No, there's no animosity involved with running in Greenfield. Quite the contrary. My first run in Greenfield (some 2 years back) was memorable in so many ways. It would be my first time riding the provided shuttle that would take us from Greenfield EDSA all the way to Greenfield Sta. Rosa, Laguna. The run was hard, but what made me panic was losing a running buddy (nothing dramatic in the end-- just a dedicated runner that lost his way post-race) and missing the shuttle bus that would take us back to good ol' Manila.

This year, although skipping the shuttle this time, would be no different. I remembered my last Greenfield route to be hot, hard, and long, so it was a blessing that the looming summer showers provided a cool breeze during the run. Picturesque fields and wide desolate roads as the backdrop was a welcome change to the urban streescape of Manila races. Really, traveling to Sta. Rosa for that dose of fresh, clean air alone was definitely worth it.

The race was well organized (by RunRio), with an abundance of road marshals in almost every turn (so you can be sure that no one would be getting lost this time). Coach Rio himself was riding around in a motorcycle (or was it a scooter?) cheering the runners on too! With the terrific weather and the ample hydration stations, I'm guessing no one could use the heat as an excuse for a less than stellar run.

I had my earphones plugged to my ears, but it conked out on me at the 12k point of the race. Still, it wasn't such a bad thing, since the silence made me appreciate this race more and feel one with nature. In fact, nature was the one thing that kept me company during my long run, as I played a game of "Spotted" and mentally ticked off the number of dead animal carcasses I passed by on the road (I know, it's morbid. But I had to keep my eyes peeled for them since I didn't want to hear the squish of frogs, rats, or some poor woodland creature under my running shoes). I'm just glad that I had an enjoyable, leisurely run that I NEVER once felt like roadkill.

I'll be seeing you again, Greenfield. It was good, as always. ;)

 {Yay, 21K!}

{Heya, Bloggerunners!}


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