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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Home, and Foot Bound

Nope, not injured. Just staying in and getting a foot spa. Us, runners, have to keep our feet looking good and feeling great, of course!

Product review to follow after a few days (effectivity as per label). ;)

UPDATE: 4-5 days after soaking, my feet started to peel. It resembled the way skin peels off after a bad sunburn. Around 8-10 days, the peeling got worse (which is actually better, in this case, because it means the topmost layer is shedding(?)... molting(?)... regenerating(?)). Even the thicker callouses on my heels and big toes peeled off on its own. By this time, I felt very self-conscious wearing sandals or even flats. My feet looked a bit gross with almost every part of the surface peeling chunks of skin! Now on the second week, after all the dead skin cells peeled off already, my feet is softer and looks brighter. So this is what a snake feels like. Brand new! ;) 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Saved By A Meme-tivation

I almost skipped this morning's run until I saw this meme posted by Second Wind Running Store at their Instagram account. Shamed!!! Haha. I laced up and ran. And just after a few minutes of running, I'm so glad I did! The cloudy weather was perfect. ;) 

How about you? How was your run today?

Thursday, August 13, 2015

PC Picks: Sprout Around The Corner

I've been hearing about this new healthy convenience store slash restaurant that opened in Makati a few months back. In the times that I've driven along the streets of Salcedo Village, I've never seen where this restaurant was located at. Last Sunday, I went out for a run in the Makati CBD, since weekends are the best days to be in Makati (no traffic, and not much sun, since all those buildings provide great shade). Rain clouds were looming, but I decided to continue on with my run. It was only when the raindrops were getting fatter and already penetrating my light rain jacket that I decided to take refuge indoors and wait it out. I was right on Rufino Street when I remembered that Sprout was just around the area. A quick search in the online foodie directory, OpenSnap... 

And there you go, it was literally just around the corner!

Shots, Shots, Shots!

The first thing that I grabbed was this tart and tangy bottled sunshine. Sprout's all-natural energy shot, Spice Market, is a great post-run treat. Its ingredients include turmeric (with anti-inflammatory properties for faster muscle recovery), honey, calamansi, apple cider vinegar, and water. 

Sprout: Freshness On The Go

Aside from the takeaway meals, Sprout also serves freshly prepared food: savory dishes, soups, and its house specialty, arroz caldo, made with oatmeal instead of the typical rice. I got the pumpkin-ginger soup (sorry, no photo) which went perfectly with the evening's rainy weather. Maybe I'll try the oats arroz caldo the next time I go back.

A Place To Chill

With its high ceiling and exposed beams, Sprout has the industrial look down pat. Their moss accent wall and wooden furniture keeps the place down-to-earth and cozy. The place is so inviting that you'd actually think that you're just going to grab and go (as one normally would in a convenience store), but end up browsing through all the racks, picking out what you'll be eating for the next "course". Everything there is healthy, so there's not much guilt factor. Mapapa take home ka paThe chiller is filled with salads, juices, puddings, and even fresh ginger ale. Cocolatto vegan ice cream and Picole Healthy Pops, an all-time favorite of mine, are also available.

Rows of Healthy Goodness

Their shelves are lined with more shots, homemade energy bars, natural kale chips, and mushroom chips in flavors too many to take note of. So, I guess you'll just have to check Sprout out for yourself! ;) 

Sprout Review on OpenSnap:

G/F Signa Designer Residences, 
Valero corner Rufino St., 
Salcedo Village, Makati City

For more restaurants and food finds, download OpenSnap app from App Store or Google Play.


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