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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Attack of the Half Marathon Virgin

After getting over the initial nervousness of almost not getting a race kit, I converted my energy into half marathon race jitters. With training runs of below 16K under my belt, I felt unsure if this half marathon attempt was way over my head. I mean, I knew I'd eventually finish whether by running or walking, but to actually finish in a decent time? Now that was the question.

I finished my first half marathon with a whole 2 minutes shaved off my estimated 2 1/2 hours! Not too shabby for a first timer, I think.

It was the perfect weather to run. The sun was bright, but thankfully not burning. The breeze was cool and a welcome running companion.

I had a good run (if I do say so myself) on the first half. Largely because I latched on to the training Pinoy Ultra Runners like a leech. I am so thankful they took me under their wing (Thanks again- Hector, Neville, Jeremy, Kiko... did I miss anyone?). Hopefully I get to multi-task (run/breathe/laugh/talk/blood-suck) in the future. Baby steps.

Around the halfway mark, I had to loosen my suckers and look for a new host. Luckily, I spotted a familiar head in the crowd and stealthily kept pace with Coach Rio. After a few kilometers though, I had to let go again. I'm afraid they were just too fast for me.

The last few miles were steady and calculated. Teeth unbared and claws retracted. It wasn't a defeat, but merely a recovery of sorts. I'm a little bit learned and hungry for more. Until the next half marathon (That would be the New Balance 25K in Clark).

{They come out at the crack of dawn.}
{The battle is almost over.}

{The last kilometer was the hardest!}

{Fierce Contender, Blogger Schlagger}
{Jinides literally sitting this run out as the 10K race kits were quickly usurped.}


  1. That's wonderful!! Congratulations!

  2. hey j+. fierce contender... somehow it doesn't ring a bell. haha! :) anyway, congratulations on your full kotr... and see you in the power race. (or maybe sooner) :)

  3. Hi Janine, congratulations on your inaugural half. That was a good run and a good time for a newbie. Astig no? Now, what's your plan for the NB, you're not new here anymore, he he. Happy running. See you..

  4. Hi ganns! Thanks! I hope you're feeling better enough to join the runs na. More power steps to you! =)

    Hey schlagger. Fierce. Rawr. hahaha.

    Hi Run Unltd. Thanks! And yes, it was cool. I'm pretty happy I survived (esp. halfway with the Ultra Runners pa! hehe). I hope I can do better in the NB run on November. See you there!

  5. Hello, I think Johnny introduced us after the KOTR, at the chute area. Congratulations on your first half! You'll surely be craving for more! See you at NB.

  6. Hi datc. Thanks! I'm aiming for my first full next year. =) I'm looking forward to the NB race as well. See you!



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