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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bachelor Run (The Night Before He Said "I Do!")

Can he do it? Can he run his greatest race and finish strong? Nope, it's no Ironman or Ultra Marathon. It's Running Fatboy's last leg as a bachelor, and his race to the road of official coupledom (is there such a word?). Running Fatboy is getting married. And what better way to celebrate this joyous occasion with but, what else? A run!

{Thanks for being the official photographer, Kerv.}
{Running Fatboy fueling up with caffeine and chicks (haha) before his 15K run.}

{J-Ngo Siblings @ 10K}

{Running Fatboy with soon to be cousin-in law, Kerv; with sister, Nat;
friends, Jeanne and Johnny Walker (Thanks for the booze, Jay!)}

So much for my theory on skipping out on the 15K to have "5K less chances of falling DURING the race". Ironically, this happened AFTER the run.

{Bridesmaid/Runner with a boo-boo.}

{I'm not sure who's more stupid. Me or the sprinkler? Wait, don't answer that!}

{Party Place = Benny's Trunk}


{A toast to the happy couple...}


{Last night out with the boys.}
{Congratulations, Dennis & Per!}

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Roasting Run (Kenny's Urbanite Run 2009)

Sure, the night was a hot one. You can barely feel the breeze. But despite the heat or the crowd, the Kenny Urbanite Run was a roasting success!

I did the 10K race, and after feeling a stitch on my side at the 2.5K mark, I was mighty glad I didn't do the 15K route. Funny thing though, after the race, most of the people I asked said they felt a side stitch at around that time as well. Was it the heat? The after dinner race time? Or the Pan Chicken dinner from Pancake House?

I gave myself a few minutes of walk time to recover, then promised to quicken my pace all throughout the rest of the run. We passed Lawton, made the U-turn, and headed to hilly McKinley. The heat, coupled with a pitch black road only intensified what felt like the longest McKinley Hill route ever. Too bad the glo-sticks we had were wearing off. It would've been nice to see glow-in-the-dark shapes dancing in the dark streets. And since my sister borrowed my trusty iPod, I just had to amuse myself with my mantra for the night: Do not trip. Do not trip. Do not trip.

After an hour of running, the grounds of Bonifacio Global City was finally within reach. And in true sneaky runner fashion, I speeded up at the sight of the finish line (and sound of cheers from the k2 posse) to salvage those precious seconds on those ubiquitous giant timers.

{Thanks for the pics, Chach.}
{Blame the endorphins.}

{Like a gazelle...}

{Leo doin' the running cha-cha.}

{Gabby's going too fast, she's all a blur.}

{BFF Chachi is a cheerleading pro!}

{Chachi, with my crazy marathon idols, Macky and Iah.}

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ooh, It Glows!

My friends got their race kits for the Kenny's Urbanite Run today (I'm getting mine tonight c/o Running Fatboy's Last Night As Bachelor Run). Of course, we couldn't wait to see if it really glows in the dark. It does!

{The Urbanite Run race bib glows-in-the-dark. How fun!}

{The ChampionChip technology is fast becoming a running staple.}

I'm running the 10K race, so we wouldn't be going through Heritage Park cemetery like the 15K runners would. But I'm curious how that experience would feel like though. Definitely creepy!

It's not my first time to run at night, but this race should be interesting. Glow-in-the-Dark runners passing through Fort Bonifacio will be quite a sight for sure! Add iPod toting runners, a techno playlist, and glo-sticks (that came with the kit), and you've got an instant rave party on the streets. Very reminiscent of the early Fort rave/street party days, don't you think? Ahh... memories. ;)

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