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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Shake, Rattle and Run!

On Hallow's Eve, what came afoot?
A Shake. A Rattle. A Run to boot.
They came in droves, they came enrobed
They came like maniacs exposed.

A fight to be the first, you see
Is why they all succumb to be
Amidst all creatures big and small
A yearning to be one, that's all.

So to the dark they snarl and snivel
A thirst so deep, yet will not grovel;
To pass the sacred line and see
What time has come, did I break thee?


I love halloween. I love running. So when I first heard about Isuzu's Shake, Rattle and Run (The first night fun run in Manila), I could hardly wait for October 31st to arrive.

First things first, what's my costume going to be??!! (Okay, so my priorities for this race wasn't exactly a record breaking PR. Hey, I did say I loved halloween first! See opening sentence.) Obviously, it had to be fun, yet practical enough to run in on. So, short and not hot (There goes the Paris Hilton idea ;). And cheap! I meant the monetary kind, of course. So, found objects in the house it is! I decided to go as "Clean & Green". Clean because I just finished taking a bath, and green because I'm using a tabo, thus saving water. Also because, I'm literally garbed in the color green. Less complicated version. (Note: I was dubbed "Shower Girl" during the race, which was the exact opposite of my cause. I didn't even bother to explain, even when I had the chance to. Darn it.)

When we got to the R.O.X at the Fort, it was eye candy galore! A lot of runners were in full, kinareer, kick-ass costumes. How they managed to run in enormous wings and props were just amazing. There was even one runner dressed as a fairy who zipped in and out of the crowd, waving his magic wand chanting 'Get out of my way'. Funny guy. It was just too cool. Too freaky-cool. I love it. I'm saying it again. I love halloween!

The race was 5K-worth of runs around Bonifacio High Street. Probably the only downside to this event, as it was a little confusing (or maybe I just wasn't paying attention) and a little boring after a while. It even came to a point wherein I'd slow down and speed up at the exact same spot I did the lap before to pace myself. Bad, because I'd do that whether or not I felt like resting. Boo- and I don't mean the Halloween kind. Although, I was pretty pleased with myself when on the third round of the water station, I got to use my trusty tabo when the plastic cups ran out. haha. See, practical.

But the best TREAT of the night: Winning 3rd place!

Okay, fine... in the Best in Costume category. Pardon the misleading intro, I wanted to bask in there for a moment. It's probably the only time I'd get to step up the magic 3 podium in a legit running event. haha. But then again, who knows, maybe next time the trick's on me!

Happy Halloween!

{Super Sunburned Beach Bum}

{Cupid Rio and Pocahontas}

{Black Devil Woman, Running Fairy, Crimebuster Chick, 300 (A-woo!), Shower Girl, Mukhang Cheerleader, Doctor Hector}

{Paulie and Juno}

{With triathletes, Ting as the Flower Girl and Carolyn as a bandit runner. hehe}

{Super Sunburned Beach Bum turned Zombie after the run.}
{Shower Girl looking fresh and bagong ligo ang pakiramdam.}

{Shower Girl meets Shower Boy}

{Flower Girl, Black Devil Woman, Shower Girl, Cupid Rio, Auto Review's Ron- who reflected the camera's light away??}

{Host Dracula with Cow & Chicken- who ran and finished together. Aww.}

{Runaway Corpse Brides}

{Best in Costume- Or in their case, lack thereof.}

{Chicken & Cow, Varga! and Shower Girl}

{No tricks in the swag bag}
Kudos to Isuzu for a sure-fire running Halloween tradition! I can't wait for next year!


  1. wow, congratulations! :-) umm, i also thought you were going for the shower-girl look. but what we think doesn't matter now. you won! really creative depiction of clean and green! :-)

    btw, i joined the run, too. too bad i wasn't able to say hi.

  2. you drank from the tabo?! diba lasang shampoo? hehe. :)

  3. congrats! a win is still a win right. deservedly so as you are creative's pace so props to your creativity

  4. Congrats J+. I thought you will not run, just saw you inside ROX painting somebody and there you are bagging an award. What a creative idea. Nice poem too. See you again.

  5. so you are the "shower girl". congratulations on your run and especially your costume.

  6. Hi digitaldash! Thanks! Shower Girl kinda grew on me after the 2nd round. hehe. Winning aside, the run was so much fun 'no? =) Hope to see you in the other runs!

  7. Hey Schlagger. I was in character. I'd douse myself with water. Init eh!

  8. RFB!!! Thanks. We missed you on this run. You would've loved every crazy minute of it for sure!

    Hi Jinoe. Thank you! That's the only time it would see the light of day... erm, night. =)

  9. Hi Run Unltd. I wouldn't have missed this for the world. hehe. =) Thanks, thanks!

  10. Hi vballrunner. Thanks for the greets and for dropping by! =)

  11. wow, you made a poem pa? okay, i believe na you really love halloween and running.

  12. Jinides- Too much Dr. Seuss when we were kids. =)



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