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Friday, July 10, 2009

I Gotta Filling... Let's Dough It!

{I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas}

I'm all set with my running song for tomorrow's REACH Run A.K.A. The Doughnut Run A.K.A. the Paradox Run.

Running and doughnuts??!! Oh, come on! When my friend Running Fatboy asked me if I was joining that run, I initially said, "No way!" As much as I enjoy novelty runs (i.e. Pet Run, Halloween Run), I simply couldn't fathom the idea of running and eating a dozen doughnuts as a challenge (Do I want to die of high cholesterol or death by cavities? Hmm...). But apparently, you just have to eat one. So, okay, I'm in. Are you?

... I gotta filling...
... Let's dough it, let's dough it...


WHAT: Run, Eat And Help CHange the World
WHEN: 11 July 2009 (6 am)
WHERE: Bonifacio High Street (fronting Krispy Kreme)

Open to all serious runners, not-so-serious runners, moms, dads, senior citizens, teens, tweens, kids, babies and all those who believe that helping others should be fun and enjoyable.

Lots of prizes to be given away! Bring your friends and family and have a good time Running, Eating And helping to CHange the world! (For the benefit of Channel of Hope Foundation)

Race mechanics:
1) 1ST LEG: Run 2.5 kilometers from the starting point to the REACH challenge zone;
2) CHALLENGE: Eat four (4) Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts;
3) 2ND LEG: Run, or walk, 2.5 kilometers from the REACH challenge zone to the finish line

* You don’t have to eat all the doughnuts, but only those who complete both legs of the fun run and consume all four (4) doughnuts will be eligible to receive the GRAND or SECOND prizes.


  1. But you said it's a donut run, so I won't. LOL
    Good luck Janine, I hope to see you again. Are you doing the UPD run on sunday? They have an on-site reg.

  2. Hi Vener! The 18k sounds tempting. But I'm doing my own version of a Buddy Run with my four-legged buddies. hehe. I'll see you at the Globe-Ayala Run! =)



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