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Friday, July 03, 2009

Death Of A Toenail, Anticipating The Return, And Putting Your Best Face Forward


Three bridesmaid duties have come and gone, but my dead toenail is still the same- Dead. I was really hoping that I'd be polish-free this Sunday too. Such are the kikay pains of a runner.

Really, someone should come up with a faster (Break the PR!) solution for this soon.

I mean, you slather on sunscreen (A must!) to protect your skin, you get facials to rejuvenate it (I don't really do much of these, but I know I need to. On that note, check out this blog: Beauty For A Living), you wear shades to slow down those wrinkles, you apply petroleum jelly to avoid the blisters, guys say hello to nipple tape, but there's just no stopping dying toenails!

So, really, there's nothing to do but wait, keep on running (it's already dead anyway), and just choose from the yummy nail polish colors with a big smile plastered on your face.

To my dead toenail: Please, please, please grow out in time for Running Fatboy's wedding (my 4th BMD- bridesmaid duty for the year).

To Imes: Congratulations! I wish you all the best and happiness in this world. May you have gorgeous kids who will grow up and kick ass like his/her mommy and aunt Janine. hehe.


  1. hello!
    i can truly relate to this post: death of toenails. Its not just a toenail, but TOENAILS. Got this from my 1st TNF 20km trail run in Sacobia, Clark where we had to cross the lahar with my trail shoes. When i took off my shoes, i was so shocked to see such a disgrace. but i enjoyed running and dead toenails can still be covered by black polish.hahaha. nice blog you got here


  2. Hi Shiela, thanks!

    I would think that a 20K TNF would really be worth dead toenails. Congrats on your run. What an experience! I'll be sure to stock up on black polish when I join my 1st TNF next year! =)

  3. Hi Janine,

    Nice post! I truly relate. Had mine during my first ever run. Good thing it didn't deter me from running on. Yeah, I hope somebody funds a research to prevent dead toe nails. I'll gladly chip in! hahaha

  4. Hi Mariel! You think open-toed running shoes would work? May suggestion box ba ang Nike, Adi, New Balance?... haha. =)

  5. condolences to your toenail. at least we girls can wear nail polish. :)

    the men's health all-terrain race also claimed the life of one of my toenails. haha.

  6. Hi digitaldash! As of this writing, said toenail is slowly growing back to its former glory(??!!). hahaha.



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