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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Nike+Adidas Sale in Megatrade. Wild!

I needed new running shorts. That's it. Resist the SALE temptation. IN-get my running shorts-OUT. Done.

Uhm, mission not quite accomplished...

Needless to say, I gave up. Not to mention, there wasn't much stuff left to buy anyway. And mind you, I went in the morning. My friend, who was lucky enough to get a bunch of stuff before it disappeared, waited in line (a stagnant one) for a time before finally giving up.

And this was just Day 1.

{5 days to spend!}

{People lining up to pay. Wild.}

{Where did all the shoes go?}

{There they are! Four shoes in one go. Lucky Duck.}
{Selling air and empty hangers.}

To the brave souls out there, GOOD LUCK!

I think I'll just go shopping in Second Wind Running Store. ;)


  1. Ouch! This is sports central's, right.

  2. Hi Vener! Yup. I never knew I could give up a good sale. hehe.

  3. Grabe! I wonder if their stocks would even last til July 5. The line to the cashier looks like the starting line of a race.

  4. Hi Passion Runner! My (featured) friend will attempt to go back earlier today. Here's hoping they have new stock coming in. And you're right, I'll take race day over this any day! hehe.

  5. Wow Janine, that is insane. Is it even worth the discount? And everything's gone! I remember long ago being dragged to one of those Zara sales in Rockwell. Eeek! Bf's nightmare haha.


  6. per and i were there too! Nothing to see and had to leave quickly... Can't breathe... need air! Haha

  7. Hi Luis!

    Zara sales scare me too. Kudos to you for making it out there alive! haha. The only upside on runners taking on sales, is that we have enough practice waking up early and waiting for the gun to go off (or the gates to open). ;)

  8. Hey Fatboy!

    The advantage here is that both you and Per tower over almost everyone. You can easily scan and diss the plan. hehe.

    I hear there's gonna be a Rudy Project sale in your turf soon. Can I camp out on your doorstep? hahaha.



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