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Saturday, July 04, 2009

GIG: A Bite (GIG Run 2009)

{k2 GIG Run Gang's all here!}

{A Bunch of Posers}

Excitement was in the air from the bunch of people hailing from Ortigas. Mostly newcomers in running, our group was scattered in all three categories (2.2K, 5K, 10K) . Curiosity, peer pressure, a love for nature, and sheer addiction to competition fueled us for this UP, Diliman run. The weather was good, the atmosphere fun (costume!), the route challenging- all the elements needed to make this race, a first for some, extra memorable.

Excerpts from the run:
Runner # 2200 (2.2K): Next time, 5K na ako.
Runner # 1596 (5K): Sarap! When's the next run?
Runner # 1597 (5K): Promise, tumakbo ako. It's dri-fit!
Runner # 1595 (5K): Hehehe, I'm eating my words... I like this running running...
Runner # 1591 (5K): Let's check out that Nike Clinic in Ultra.
Runner # 504 (10K): Globe Run 21K!

After almost two years of lone running in the office, my Monday to Friday crew can finally speak RUN! (cue: Hallelujah SFX)

It still gives me goosebumps whenever I hear them talk about PRs, Tuesdays at Ultra (Nike Running Clinic), shin splints, and patella bands. And really, I still get a kick out of how obsessed and addicted they are. Long-term running plans are in the works, just as they are eating their words (Running... uhm, maybe not... Hah!). Guys, you make me so damn proud!

P.S. Much Kudos! to BFF, Chachi, for sitting through a whole year of listening to me talk about my running skeds, Sunday runs, lined up races, broken PRs, broken spirit (thanks for the pep talks!), and anything and everything running. Also, for FAKE Uh-huh-ing, Aah-ing, Ooh-ing, and nodding on cue- surely by default, due to proximity and title, but very much appreciated. Hoy, ikaw nalang. I'm holding you to your promise of joining the upcoming night runs ha!


  1. Boy you've been extra busy on your blog lately! But yes, it's nice to know we're no longer alone in our corner of Ortigas.

  2. Buddy Kwaps! Blogging in the miles lang. =) The more the merrier, diba? The more people to convince to do longer runs too (including us!) hehe.

  3. woah! i didn't realize there were so many runs, and here i was, on hiatus since march (and having Fat Months because of the lull)

    why didn't you drag me along? harumph.

    can you register (or get my race kit) for the Globe run puhleeze... =)

  4. Jinides, I kept asking if you wanted to reg. You're the one who had parties left and right the whole month! I guess flitting around as a social butterfly isn't as intense a workout as running. hehe. =)

  5. You're welcome :p

    and it wasn't all fake oohhing and aahhing.. just semi. yes yes yes ill run the night run with marc nelson as long as we can binge eat after!!

    congrats to the k2 runners :)

  6. oh right. too many parties. so that explains my Fat Month... =)

  7. Jinides: Time to get your fat ass back to running then! hehe



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