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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Of Overdue Massages and Unlimited Emails

After 2 marathons and a half, I finally had that much needed foot massage for all those hard-earned miles. Bloggers were invited to a night of R&R at the Blue Water Day Spa in Greenhills (Thank you, Coy Caballes!) for the launching of Globe Tattoo UnliMAIL- unlimited emails on your mobile phones, wherever you are and whenever you want!

Jeez, had I known about this, I probably would’ve gotten those massages a long, long time ago. Work had gotten pretty hectic that it’s been a luxury just to be able to squeeze in a massage. And with the free time that I had, I went out running or stayed in sleeping instead (My laptop might get confiscated if I brought it in a spa). So, to be able to check your emails on your phone (discreetly, if I may add) in a never-ending meeting, in a car, in a traffic jam, and even in the loo would really be a timesaver. You don’t even need a Blackberry or an iPhone. And no need for an internet connection either (Although you might need a better excuse on why you didn’t reply to that email on speed dating from a well-meaning aunt!).

{Massage, Movie & Me}

{Downloading the Globe UnliMAIL apps- then I realized my phone wasn't compatible yet. Boo.}

{Everyone was emailing on their phones.}

It’s easy to register!
1. Text UNLIMAIL to 8888.
2. You’ll receive a text with a WAP link.
3. Click the link to get the application for free.
4. Choose myGlobe Connect APN as your connection setting, and the application will automatically download onto your phone.
5. Click on the UNLIMAIL application to start sending and receiving emails (Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc.).
UNLIMAIL is available to all Globe Postpaid, Globe Prepaid, Globe Tattoo Mobile subscribers.
For help in configuring and using Globe Tattoo UNLIMAIL, you may call Globe’s 24 hr customer service hotline at 730-1000 or toll-free at 222. You can also visit the website for the UNLIMAIL user guide at


  1. Thanks for the nice blog. This is very useful and interesting.I read this and my self very appreciate with this blog. Thanks a lot...

  2. I miss a full-body massage too! Will be scheduling within the week before my race for Unilab. Thanks for the post, it has reminded me about my overdue massage too :)

  3. Hi RunningAtom! Definitely a great way to prepare for an upcoming race. hehe. Good luck at the Unilab Run!

  4. Hi RunningAtom! Definitely a great way to prepare for an upcoming race. hehe. Good luck at the Unilab Run!



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