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Thursday, February 25, 2010

3G Run: The One That's Not Packed Like a Tuna

Last Sunday, while practically all the runners were packed like, erm, sardines at The Fort during the Century Tuna Superbods Run (this runner included), a bunch of renegade runners were in Ayala Ave. enjoying the calm of a Sunday CBD run.

The 3G Run
We were all supposed to run in the Superbods Run, but since my friends weren't able to get 10K race kits, they decided to just make their own run. And since our dear friend Gabby (my running inaanak) will be leaving us and moving continents the very next day, they decided to do one last run (I already had my 21K race kit, so I just joined them for the most important part- Breakfast!).

The 3G (Good luck, Gabby Gregory) Run took them to the newly opened Ayala Triangle Park, Ayala Avenue, Salcedo, Legaspi, and going through the underpasses (ala Urbanathlon) to name a few. I've always enjoyed the Makati CBD on a deserted weekend, so this seemed like an interesting route. Too bad I missed running with them, this would have been a good preview run for the upcoming Globe Run for Home 2010.

After the run, breakfast at the Sunday Market was, of course, in order. =)

{Hungry Runners @ Sunday Market}

{Clockwise: Gabby, Lenard, Allen, Dave, Cargo and Bernz}

{Habol runner in red. Double-booked with the Century Tuna Run.}

{Breakfast! Taho and Fresh Chinese Lumpia}

{Baklava and Chicken Satay (which I skipped)}

{Yummy, yummy Tong Coffee}

{How cool is this? They even got sponsors for their 3G Run!}

{Guest of Honor: Gabby Gregory}
{Watch out for this one, world!}

Famous Last Words
I used to be on the constant vigil to get my friends to take up running. For 2 whole years, I'd incessantly chat on about my weekend races. For 2 whole years, they'd dutifully listen and nod and ignore my emails on upcoming runs. This was a scene from last year...

Gabby on running: This girl (points to me) is crazy. She runs marathons for fun!!! For fun!!??Who runs for fun???

After a taste of their first race, guess who became the resident addict and "next run" forwarder? ;) Someone ate her words... I love it!!!

We'll miss you a lot, Gabs! Keep on running for your marathon dream (and more). You will surely get there faster than you think. And hopefully, we'll get to visit and cheer on you as you cross that finish line! ;)



  1. Jan! Yes, I totally ate my words! hehehe

    Aside from settling into mundane stuff over here, I've been planning out my daily run route. It's a little tricky coz you aren't allowed to just run anywhere (unless you wanna get fined or DIE).

  2. Hard to believe it's been nearly NINE months(!) since we started running as a group!

    Hey GG, glad to know you're settling in. Take pictures of your route. I really liked the one we did last Sunday so I'm doing it again this weekend. Plus I'm bringing my wallet this time so I can stock up on Tong coffee...

  3. G'day, Gabs!

    What?! You can get fined? Why? Bawal bang short shorts in the city or something? Dress code??? hehe.

    Die in the heat? Or get eaten by wild animals?

    (Then we get to say, A dingo ate our Gabby! haha) =P

  4. RacerHead,

    9 months na? Wow, time flies by so fast! And everyone's leveling up n. So fun!

    P80 bucks lang for the refillable coffee. Okay na yun!

  5. Hahaha ano ka ba? I meant I'm buying bags of coffee. Beats the crap I get from the supermarket, and perfect for my (very) early mornings.

  6. hey there. where's that Sunday Market in Makati? Is that in Salcedo?

    Looks like a good place to have Sunday breakfast. Would like to take my family there. :)

  7. nice pics sir i like it cool blog
    i wush the next hmm



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