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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Unconditional Running

I had a terrific running session with Phoebe at Bonifacio High Street yesterday. After a long and early day at work, (we) couldn't wait to hit the pavement and work up a good sweat! Lately, it feels like my head is way too overloaded that I can't even think. We just ran and ran and ran and ran. I didn't know who was more excited- me or Phoebe. No words, no demands, no pressure. Totally liberating.

After our run, we headed to Runnr store to press our noses onto the glass and drool over shoes, shoes and more shoes. Me, figuratively. Phoebe, literally.

Ran into Franco (old friend/new running posse), Rico (SheerWill), Luis (Gingerbread) and Abby who were both off to the meeting for Bataan Death March this coming weekend. Good luck, guys!

Disclaimer: This may or may not have happened... I'm not so sure, but I think Phoebe might have had a little accident that I wasn't able to "scoop up" (I was running too fast. I only thought about this while driving home and backtracking our day). My apologies IF this incident did happen. I do always carry a supot for cleaning emergencies. ;)

{My running buddy is getting impatient.
No more pictures! I wanna run NOW!}

{Ran a super fast 3K. Non-stop. Awriiight, Phoebe girl!}

{I'm loving my newest running accessory-
A bungee leash for my dogs in cool camo print!}
{Which worked it's shock absorbing magic when Phoebe chased after a cat.}
{Normally, an ordinary leash feels like it's ripping your arm off the socket. Ew. Too graphic. Sorry.}

{I got my Ezydog leash at Pet Express.}
{You can clip it on a belt loop/hydration pack for hands-free running too.}


  1. Way to go Phoebo Supremo! Thanks for giving her a great workout dits!

  2. haha. Correction: Phoebe was the one who gave me a hard workout! ;) Napa-sprint ako ng di oras.

  3. phoebo is soo sporty!!im just so happy shes still fit and goin!!thank you soo much ninang jann 4 taking her for a workout!!and so good to see you havn this drive to run!!

  4. Phoebe has lotsa playmates who make her "kulit" all the time (Yes, a certain impish creature and me included. hehe). Talagang she's gonna be in tip-top shape all the time. hehe.

    Besides, gotta train to run a marathon soon! ;)



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