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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Knumb Knees

I can't feel my knees.

Was it the rounds I ran in Ultra last night?

Or was it the Mexican bean soup I had for dinner?

Ultra Running
Last night, Ultra was a runner's study hall packed with people cramming for the upcoming Condura Race this Sunday (Yep, guilty as charged). I ran with my friend, Allen, who would be running her first 10K. I spotted other familiar faces as well: Coach Rio and his team (Go Nike Clinic coaches!); crazy marathoner Iah, who was training with The Bald Runner team; and marathon buddy Dave, who would be running the half marathon.

I ran for 40 minutes, and did a little speedwork for 10 minutes. Admittedly, I kind of took it easy after last month's Cebu Marathon. This 2nd full mary was an idea I toyed with, but didn't really think I'd actually sign up for. But was I that out of shape that my body is now complaining after being on standby mode for a while? Does the lack of long runs really have much bearing, even after a recent 42K? My mind says no, but my knees say otherwise. Hmm... who do I believe? Stubborn head or dumb, numb knees?

Jalapeno Craving
After the training session in Ultra, we met up with other friends to have a "light" dinner at the cozy Mexican place, Jalapeno, in Ortigas Home Depot. (Ooh, you know what else is in Ortigas Home Depot? Second Wind Running Store. I finally dropped off my race bib to post on their racing wall. Check out The Wall. It's so cool!) I was craving for Jalapeno's gooey Baked Jalapeno Cheese Nachos and super yummy Vegetarian Burritos (which doesn't seem vegetarian at all!). My mouth is watering already. I ordered the Mexican Bean Soup as appetizer first. It was good, but now that my knees are hurting, and I wonder if the beans (from the soup and burritos) did me any good at all. I actually don't have gout though...

So, what's with the sudden pain in my knees? Was it too much running (40 minutes is hardly much compared to the 5++ hours on Sunday), too much Mexican beans, or {gasp!} purely psychological because of the looming race on the Skyway? (My first Skyway Run last year was disastrous. Ugh!)



  1. 10K will not pass the skyway. (pls do not scare me. haha!)

  2. Oh yeah, no nga pala. I was thinking of the Buendia flyover. Same banana based on my Condura performance last year! ;) hehe.

    And for the record, I'm sure kaya mo naman yung Skyway. It's just another flyover with a fancy name! (Yes, janine. Keep telling yourself that. hahaha)

    Good luck to us! Hope we breeak the Condura family curse this year. ;)

  3. Hi Janine, was trying to find you at the Condura, no luck for me though :D

  4. Hey Running Atom!

    Daming tao eh. Or maybe it was still pitch black. hehe. Hope you had a good run! =)

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