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Monday, February 22, 2010

This Lent, I Am Giving Up Tuna (Century Tuna Superbods Run 2010)

The race results for the 11,000 packed, Century Tuna Superbods Run is now out! Check your run results here.

How official is official?
I started my run at 5:33 a.m. (my watch). I ended at 7:48 a.m. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that just 2:15 hours? Then how come my official result is 2:42? That's 30 freakin' minutes! Way too big. Granted that I got there a bit late (the 21K gun time was 5:20). Then I heard that they started the runs earlier than the printed time. That's fine, timing chip technology will record the race time accurately anyway, right? But 30 minutes??? Did the chip timer start as soon as the gun went off? Or maybe it automatically defaults to the gun time as soon as you step on the mat (serves all you gimikero late comers right. The joke's on me then. hehe)? No, right? So... why???

I'm so bummed. That was a really good run for me. It would've been nice to see it immortalized in PDF form.

UPDATE: Official race analysis here. =)


  1. I think the vegan god did that to teach you a lesson! hahaha

  2. But I didn't eat tuna! I only had a sliver of the steak and half a sausage... They should punish me if I run in a Monterey or Purefoods run. hehe. -janine on carbo loading night (it was a 2 minute weakness. Sigh~ Back to Day 1)

  3. Vegan disaster aside, I think you can file a complaint. Kindda weird that your finish time and chip time are exactly the same. Labo yan. If they cross-reference with your chip start time, I'm sure the discrepancy will be obvious. Unless of course you actually forgot to step on the mat... hahaha

  4. Hey RacerHead!

    Technical glitch ata talaga. I know 2 people who ran but wasn't in the race results. Then there's another guy who lost his timing chip in the middle of the run but still managed to be in the official race results (wrong time though). So weird. Out of 11,000+ runner, I personally know 4 people. What are the chances? hehe

  5. Hahaha, sumablay? Great to see you last night at the launch. BTW, please check the Run for Home 2009 highlights in photos, you were so cinematic on your run out there.
    link here:

  6. Woowww... may sumablay pla sa timing recording of the chip.

    Gladly my result was correct when I compared it to my watch.

  7. Hi Vener!

    It was great seeing you and meeting the rest of the bloggers too. Good luck sa BDM! You can do it!!! =D

    On Globe Run 2009: hahaha. Memories!!!

  8. Hi Running Atom,

    Now I know 5 people who weren't included in the results. But, oh well, stuff happens. We had a good time running though. So, next race nalang please! hehe =)

    Good to hear that you're happy with your run!



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