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Monday, March 23, 2009

"L" is for... (Condura Run)

{More photos from Run Unltd. Thanks, Vener!}
I have no excuse. I was in bed by 10.30, but had a hard time waking up and kept pushing the snooze button on my alarm. I guess all those late nights and 24/7 deliveries finally took a toll on me. Wrong timing! Argh~ It was torture to see all the 21K runners speeding past us, while I was still stuck at the traffic light (the loooongest ever) of 5th and 32nd, trying to kick myself within the confines of the car.

Leading the Pack
...of 10K runners, that is! I got a kick out of seeing the first 10K runners looking back to check out their competition-- me! haha. I'm sure they must be thanking their lucky stars that I was wearing a bright yellow race bib instead of the blue one.

Looking Up
I was off to a good start and feeling pumped up. I was even able to catch up to a half marathon runner as I neared the railroad track. Things are indeed looking up. The Skyway is right ahead...

Lifted Running
The Skyway route was great! I was initially thinking of backing out and just running with the 10K runners for a PR, but then realized that I might never get the chance to run on the Skyway again. I'm glad I did. It was such an experience.

I loved the spray from the water truck. A much needed boost for the tired runners. I could feel my mouth curving into a wide, playing-under-the-rain kind of smile as I passed underneath the cool shower. Too bad I just went through it once, I was looking forward to my run back from the 21K turnaround, when I saw the truck drive by me. Aww...

Lady Gaga
I had the Skyway to myself and couldn't resist. And Lady Gaga kept telling me to "Just Dance". So I did. Hundreds of runners ran on the Skyway, but how many can say that they danced on it? For a few seconds there, I was Lady Mukhang Gaga. It was liberating. ;)

Lone Runner Lagging
I hit the wall at 14K. Probably because I forgot to pace myself the first half-- again! Oh, the pressure of catching up. I have to remember that sometimes running is a solitary sport. Funny how I run to lose myself in my own little world, but then always felt comfort when running alongside other people.

Lonely at the Top
The Buendia flyover (going back) was the hardest part for me. It was when everything simply crashed down. The exhaustion, the dejection, the annoyance (at myself), the piled up stress, the self-pity, the loneliness... Haaay~ And to think just a (few?) minutes earlier, I was feeling on top of the world.

Spotted: Running Fatboy, with a water bottle on hand, who ran back the route to look for me (while adding miles to his marathon training). Thanks for seeing me to the finish line in one piece (There were times when I thought I'd swerve into incoming cars. All I could see were dots). You just gotta love 'em friends!

Lost Loot
I lost my loot bag. Boo. And I was so looking forward to the pink Vitwater inside too. Good thing my sister managed to get a copy of The Bullrunner Magazine as well as Men's Health (David Beckham!!!).

Chowking lauriat breakfast hits the spot. Especially if you have it with a halo-halo on the side. I had to make myself feel better. hehe.

To the Condura Race organizers: "L" for Lovin' it! A job well done. To think last year's run was one of the best ones, you definitely outdid yourselves. See you next year!

{Staying afloat at 21K}


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  1. Hi Janine, that's part of our daily lives, but never worry God has plans for everyone. Congratulations for braving to run and bring yourself close to the heavens. If you did not, I'm not gonna catch you. Too bad I missed Dennis, but I'll make bawi next time. Rest well and enjoy the summer, I'll see you soon.

    P.S. I lost my nemo.

  2. Hi, Janine! I can't believe you were that late! I saw you on skyway and thought "wow she has a way to go!" At least you were safe, my cousin in law had a bad accident and chipped tooth from a bad fall. :(

  3. hi Janine,

    L for losing weight and burning calories for that day! :)

    Time to schedule a body massage (like I did). You deserved it :)

  4. Thanks for the encouraging words, Vener. You're truly an inspiration- running and all. =)

    So, are you Finding Nemo? =P

  5. Hey Carolyn. I can't believe you guys (Edwin was right in front) were that fast! No wait, actually, I CAN believe it. =) Congrats on your run! And so sorry to hear about your cousin. I hope she's ok.

  6. RFB, L is for Lamon and Lining the cabinet with new shoes! hehe. =) Thanks again!

  7. thanks for the compliment
    congrats on your run
    glad you had fun!
    see you at next years condura

  8. hmm... kaya pala. was wondering why you were so far behind. anyway, at least you finished it so cangrats. :)

  9. Thanks, Schlagger. Hope you enjoyed your run too! =)

  10. Anonymous (hehe). You're welcome! Thanks! See you next year! =)

  11. L is looking fine despite being late. Congratulations on going after it despite the odds :-)

  12. Hey thanks, Rico! =) There will be other runs to make bawi. hehe.

  13. Hi Janine,

    I didn't realize it was you with Dennis towards the finishing stretch of the Condura Race.

    I was the one who struck up a conversation with Dennis -- I was also walking my way back to the finish after all the cramping in my calves and quadriceps.

    I was gonna introduce myself but you were in such pain I decided to give you your space. Hope you're much better. I'm sure you'll do better in the next race -- I hope I'll do, too.

    Catch you in another race soon -- hopefully, with both of us in better conditions! he! he! Take care.

  14. what is it with the Condura Run and us running badly? hehe.

    we'll do better next year =)

  15. Hi Johnny!

    Didn't realize there was someone walking beside us... hehe. Just kidding. I was so dizzy then. Hope I didn't scare off anybody else. haha. I will definitely catch you in other runs. And I'm sure we'll both be wearing big, triumphant smiles! =)

    I heard it was your first half. Sucks that you got cramps, but it's great that you still finished! Yay!

  16. Jinides, I think we get too excited. Nauusog. hahaha.

  17. I know its late but thank you for joining the condura run 2009. will see you in the condura run 2010. it may be on Jan 17 or march 7, 2010. thank you
    Runningshield / patrick concepcion



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