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Monday, June 01, 2009

IE Ran, IE Conquered, IE8 Donuts to Recover (Microsoft IE8 Run)

Neither rain, nor sheet(s of tissue for my sniffles), nor snow, nor hail, can dampen my spirits during the Microsoft IE8 -Internet Explorer 8- Run. I was nursing the flu, and was totally drugging up the day before to ensure my running appearance the next day. It's just another race, is it really worth getting sick over? I say, YES! More than anything else, this run is my "pambawi" for my pitiful performance during the Condura Run. 8 miles (12.8 km) is not exactly a half marathon, but still the same route nevertheless. Tardiness, the Kalayaan flyover, and "woe is me" mind games defeated me then. Now it's payback time.

I spoke too soon. Three guesses who was late again (NOT exactly my fault this time). No worries though, as soon as I hit the pavement, I was totally immersed in the run. I love rain running. The weather was cool and cloudy, perfect conditions for a good, long run.

So, did I break a PR? I don't think so. But I did conquer myself. This time, there was no room for crying over spilled milk, no thoughts of What-ifs, no more excuses. Just pure, unadulterated running. And it was fun.

(Although winning a laptop would've been nice.)

{Rain Running with Tootsie & Bem}

{The early Worm gets a Zune!}

{Vener, Run Unlimited}

{Krispy Kreme for breakfast}
{Thanks for treating, Worm!}


  1. Congrats Janine. Despite being not feeling well you still finished the race strong. Sayang, we didn't win the laptop. It's good to meet the worm too last sunday's race.

    See you again.

  2. Hey Janine, nice to hear that you still had a good run in spite of being under the weather. :) That's what the running sages say right, don't mind if you are bottomed out for 99% of the race, just finish strong and smile for the cameras haha :) Hope you're feeling better and see you at the races :)


  3. Happy birthday. I hope you could make it at the mizuno race.

  4. Hi Janine - I finished with the same time at ie8 just ahead of you. Guess you were finishing strong while I was just trying to finish - sorry if I slowed you down at the end. Yes the running conditions was very good but I had a tough time the 8 miler was longer than I expected and a little different than in the map. Good that you are often late for the races so you can run with us slowpokes. Happy running.

  5. Run Unltd: Hi Vener! Thanks for the greets. Hopefully we get to win a major raffle prize one of these days. How's that for a running goal? haha.

    Gingerbreadman: Hi Luis! You're so right. I couldn't agree with you more. {insert smile} =D

    Lonerunner: Hi lonerunner! It's nice that we kept each other company pala. hehe. Although hopefully, I get out of the Late curse na. It's so stressful! =O

  6. hala, lagot ka kay Ting. late ka na naman...



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