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Monday, May 25, 2009

No Road Kill Here (Auto Review Run)

{2009 Mantra: A Good Year}
{Resolution: 100,000 kms?!! Um, riiight...}

With a "No Breaking PRs" goal, I enjoyed this run as it is- a good Sunday run. After what felt like a hiatus from running, feeling the excitement of before-the-race jitters was a surprising experience. It was nice. I hadn't felt that way for quite a while (Pause~ Senti smile).
As soon as the signal went off, everyone was scrambling like a kid in a candy store. I had to constantly remind myself that this was McKinley Hill- the route where uphill starting points kill you. Slow, steady, and no knee injuries was my goal. I guess it helped that I had spankin' new, super cushioned trainers to run in (Nike Span+ 6 Bowerman Series). My right heel had been bugging me lately (I probably have the makings of plantar fasciitis from wearing flats and sandals all the time), so I was extra cautious as I didn't want to aggravate anything lest that be the end of my running, ehem, career.
After the first climb, it was all steady running from there. I was expecting a continuation of the week's dreadful heatwave, so it's good that the weather was cooperative enough with a spattering of clouds, a light breeze, and abundant water stations. The sun came out just as I was exiting Heritage Park. Talk about timing (athough it would've been quite apt if I had died of a heatstroke there). =P
More than halfway done, Yay! As soon as I spotted the signages pointing to McKinley Hill, I sped up to salvage whatever mileage I could. Running downhill was exhilirating. But I was also listening to the voice inside my head chanting, "Knees. Slow. Knees. Slow." I reached the finish line a few minutes beyond my PR. All good, seeing that I had a great time and no near death experiences this time!
{With Jay (of Paul Calvin's Diner), siblings Mylene and Peter}

{Cheers! to running buddy, RFB.}
{Good luck in his first full marathon next week!
Hopefully, I'll catch up to him before the year ends. hehe}


  1. Welcome back Janine, good to hear your running again (after Condura?) and the nike air span 6 rocks. T'was a good pair.

    I also slow down running downhills not to aggravate the knees cause they absorb all the impact, besides you should spend all your energy running at flat portions, not at the hills nor at the slopes. Cheers!

  2. Hi Vener! Haven't seen you guys for the longest time. Thanks for the tips. I should really have them tatooed na- I keep forgetting (on purpose?) haha. See you and Christy soon! =)



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