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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A First Of Many More (PTAA Charity Run)

I was looking forward to this run, and I wasn't disappointed. Aside from the usual enjoyable running factors (10K route, running friends, running for a good cause, raffle prizes that I did not win) it was the behind-the-scenes that was an equally enjoyable experience.

It's a running first for me to:

Run in U.P.
More than 20 races under my belt, but would you believe this was my first time to run in UP? Proximity issues had me bunk in with my friend, rockstar turned running addict, Gabby, for this run. From a healthy, home cooked, carboloaded tuna-artichoke wheat pasta dinner, to a personal alarm clock, to a graveyard shift barista... I think I'm spoiled now. Oh, not to mention we were picked up by newbie racer, Lenny, for the run too. Definitely spoiled.

Drink coffee before a run.
Hmm, good, strong, fresh brewed coffee from Ilocos at 4am definitely gave me an added boost. I normally take my coffee after my runs because I don't like rushing my coffee experience (I usually wake up just in time to dress up, leave, and have a little room for minor mishaps). So, this is another reason for me to wake up way earlier than usual. It was worth it, though I had to stop by a very popular portalet before the race started.

Run with the people I see every day.
I have new running buddies. People in the office have finally been bitten by the bug. Now they can finally understand my Friday afternoon pre-race ramblings and my Monday morning post-race stories! No more virtual run play by plays from my races and Dave's solo runnings (it's his first road race). No more "Janine is so weird" dirty looks. hehehe.

Rock and Run!
I left my Nano at home. Luckily, Gabby had an extra iPod to lend me. Instead of my usual hip-hop, dance, and electronica tracks, I had to run to rock music. Cool. I think I've found my inner running rockstar.

Run underneath trees.
I love it! Shaded running is the best! Shade over smog ANY DAY! Save the trees, people. Save the trees.

*Run for the environment. Run the 2009 GIG Run too!

Shop at Second Wind Running Store.
Finally, finally, finally. After (forever) promising my friend Hector that I'd drop by his store and shop til I drop, I was finally able to visit the Second Wind in UP Village. Didn't quite drop a lot of moolah that time, but I did bring home a nifty running shirt. Will shop there again, as soon as new shorts come in.

{Thanks for the pic RFB!}
{K2 Past & Present: Bem & Toots, Lenard, Dave, Gabby, Me}

{Shopping at Second Wind Running Store after the run. Finally!}
{Celebrity Sighting: Shaina the Log Book}


  1. Good impressions from the UP stranger, sayang di tayo nanalo sa raffles. I hope you enjoyed your UP race and experience. See you again J+, UP ulit on sunday?

  2. Hi Vener! Yup, had a great first time in UP. I'll be there in the GIG run. Kita-kits! =)



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