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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

U.P. and Coming Run

{New running faces to watch out for}

Yay! I'm all reg'd for this Sunday's PTAA Charity Run. A milestone, as this will be my first race in U.P. (I'm on the Greener side). Happy tales of tree-lined roads and challenging routes beckon. Although horror stories of bako-bako roads, uphills galore, and knee injuries worry me. Still, I'm excited! Do I need to know anything else?

Meanwhile, I'm off to the beach tomorrow.

Running shoes in tow, of course!


  1. See you at the race J+, never worry, the air span 6 will do the trick. The beach is cool, take care.

  2. Hi Vener! Let's hope so. hehe. See you and Christy on Sunday! =)



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