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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Punching Bug

{Happy Yellow Handwraps Well-Spent}

I tried my hand at boxing, and I was hooked!

After a handful of good (long) runs gone bad, I finally admitted to myself that I really have to work more on my endurance, especially if I wanted to finish my first full marathon (early 2009?) in a decent time. So last week, I dropped by Megamall after work to buy my first boxing gear (P135 handwraps in Chris Sports). Then I headed to Elorde Boxing Gym in Tektite's Summit Wellness Center for a walk-in session (P300).

After stretching and a few jumping jacks (I haven't done that for years!), my trainer wrapped my hands for a round at the ring. I knew I was off to a good and (possibly) long term start as soon as I stepped into the ring. Just going through the rope and stepping on the padded floor gave me a thrill in itself.

We started off with the Punching Mitts and "1-2-3-Jab-Cross-Hooks". It was intense, it was tiring, it was exhilirating! Next drill was the Speed Bag (my waterloo), a hanging sac which required much skill in coordination and timing. Unfortunately, both skills I sorely lack. After a little snooping around, I found out that most people got the hang of it after 3-4 sessions anyway. The Double-End Ball was my favorite (and apparently, a natural at), probably because it's chest-height, and in the real world, like a big bully punching a kid. Not that I would, but if I had a choice, I wouldn't pick on the big one. haha.

The session ended with more floor exercises (crunches, rowing) and stretching by the trainer. I was feeling a bit pumped up, so I was still able to hit the treadmill for an easy 3K run. I was cross-training for my runs, after all.

Elorde Boxing Gym @ the Summit Wellness Center
4F West Tower Tektite Building, Ortigas, Pasig CIty
T 667.3065

Facilities and Features: Sauna, Free Parking, Locker Rooms, Hot/Cold Shower, Fully Airconditioned, Standard Sized Boxing Ring, Friendly Staff, Professional Trainers

Membership Fee: 750/year
Round 1- 200/session
Round 2- 1,500 (10 sessions/month)
Round 3- 2,500 (unlimited/month)


  1. One of the most important is being little or no impact exercising. The Cross trainer offer extensive cardiovascular workouts, as well as total body conditioning if your machine includes dual arm bars.

  2. Box and run, maybe in a month time your sparmate can't hit you anymore. Your footspeed may surpass ali's famous footwork. Get it on!

  3. Hello Mills. Thank you for the info!

  4. Hi Vener, Thanks for the pep talk! It's fun, but super challenging. So I'm working extra hard on my endurance for sparring sessions and longer runs. Hitting two birds with one punch? haha.



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