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Thursday, November 13, 2008

If Bags Could Talk...

If bags could talk, mine would have been sighing exhaustedly (the happy kind though) from all those out-of-town trips it has been and would be going off to for the rest of the year. I'm sorry I had to stuff guyabanos and spill salad dressing on you. But it was a great weekend anyway. Oh, and get ready for another load of pasalubong soon. I'll make sure the crickets are fried to a crisp and not jumping around, of course!

If bags could talk, mine would have been profusely complaining on how it has been underutilized as a gym bag. 'I miss the dark, humid lockers,' it would say. It's been months since I've diligently hit the gym. So, after 3++ years of an on/off relationship with the gym, me and Nike B. (as in Nike Brown Bag- from the same thought process where I christened my Mac, Macky) have finally signed the papers and is calling it quits. It's hard to let go... ~sigh~

If bags could talk, mine would have to be jabbering excitedly on the prospect of a new job description. I'm giving boxing another shot. So, Nike B., when you hear me say 'I'm hitting the bag today', don't worry, it's not going to be you.

{Nike B.- Gathering dust and dog...}
{Imp's such an angel when he's asleep.}

{Props to you! Me and Nike B. in one of our many "misadventures". Read post here.}


  1. uhm, that's actually my bag. you just borrowed and never returned it.

  2. Only because you have so many bags you don't even use. What a waste! Quits lang. You use my running shoes anyway. haha.



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