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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Opening a Can of Silkworms

My 2009 challenge (well, aside from resolving to be a more diligent blogger... oops.) is to LITERALLY open a can of worms. Make that a can of silkworm pupa, to be exact.

As a New Year's dare, we (me + a bunch of brave/bored souls in the office) took it upon ourselves to step out of our comfort zone (in our case, it's the 7-11 downstairs) and try something new and crazy to greet the year ahead of us. That can of silkworm pupa (c/o Lenard, the frequent flyer) which was purchased on the lines of "bring me back something exotic..." was finally ready to be opened.

Nestled in red, blue, and yellow packaging, it was an innocent looking de-lata. Upon closer scrutiny though, you'd find that instead of the usual luncheon meat or corned beef, is a bunch of stinky, brown, roach-like objects. Gross.

As the ring leader (or #1 trash talker?), I couldn't really back-out from this eating challenge, now could I? After a nanosecond of deliberating, I simply popped it in my mouth. Mmm. No false advertising here- it tasted as good/bad as it looked. Like a stale (giant) garbanzo bean marinated in ten year old rust. It wasn't that bad, although one was enough. The aftertaste was just too weird, even for a self-proclaimed adventurous eater like me.

So, here's to 2009- to conquering the unknown, facing our fears, and opening more cans of worms. Figuratively. =)

{ This tiny thing is deceiving.}

{A bowl to conquer.}

{Dave, the undefeated bug eater.}
{For the record, three.}

{What's bugging you, Cargo?}


  1. Ewwwwwwww...

    Congratulations on trying something new! So inspiring of you!

  2. Hi Ganns! Haven't had the chance to congratulate you on your win. Love the iPod Yellow. Enjoy hitting the streets with your new running buddy. =) (I lost my running shoe with my nike+ in it. Drat. Still hoping it will turn up in this lifetime. sigh.)



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