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Sunday, August 31, 2008

1 Km Run in 15 Seconds of Fame

{Kapuso for a Day}

Local TV Network, GMA's Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho magazine show approached me to talk about my experience as a Nike+ user (Note: They were featuring microchip technology in everyday life).
Instead of being the usual behind-the-scene average Jane in photoshoots, I became janine+ (three guesses as to where my user name originated from), the Nike+ junkie.
I met up with Jaq, the show's researcher, around 5 to shoot the running scene in Rizal Stadium. The crew was already there when we arrived, so we proceeded to shoot. After a quick costume change, I collected my guts, sucked in my gut, and channeled all the acting abilities I could possibly muster from within. It was quite easy, seeing that I only had a few.
A typical Nike+ running experience was staged. I inserted the sensor (the chip factor) in the shoe, chose the training program and playlist (of course!), and just ran, ran, ran. Naturally, a janine+ storyline wouldn't be complete without a blooper. I was so engrossed with the running and the music, that I didn't hear them shout "cut". I ran around the whole lap in record time, and was panting heavily (no warm ups) for the interview when I got back. No cuts this time.
We were supposed to shoot the "upload" scene in K2, which would have been nice since we might be moving offices soon. What better way to pay tribute to the 8-year old blue and yellow space I call second home, than to be immortalized on national TV (not that we haven't been already). But since my house was closer to Rizal, we decided to shoot the rest of the scene in my place instead. Unfortunately, my renovation project is a far cry from being done. Too bad.
Carbo-loading buffet dinner at Italianni's with friends (Running Fatboy, Perper Oven, Burp and Jinides included)..

Saturday / TV Premiere:
I found out what my good angle was. Blink, and you'll miss it. Haha.

So, to sum up this experience...

  • Nike+ Official Human Race 10K Shirt: $35
  • Shipping and Handling: $12
  • Having eyebrows threaded for the interview (hehe): P150
  • Getting the most mileage out of (probably) my most expensive T-shirt ever: Priceless

{SFX Running}

{About Pace: Behind the Scenes}

{Trash Talking}

{Watch my face closely, because all you'll see tomorrow -8.31.08- is my back!}

{Nike+ Paraphernalia, The Stars of the Show}

(Hamming it up with the GMA van, of all things.}

Sunday / Nike+ Human Race Day:
ee you at the finish line, suckers! (Just kidding. Let's go, Team Philippines!)


  1. nice... dapat may talent fee. hehe. :) btw, by any chance were you runner no. 23?

  2. Plus placement fee for plugging their show in my blog. haha. Yup, that's me. And 0312437. =)

  3. ooohhh a celebrity in our midst. pa otograf naman o!

  4. Celebrity? Where??!! Is he the fat boy running around puddles? ;) If he splashes mud on me, I'm never taking a bath again! hahaha.

  5. you're famous dahling!! that was so funny abt the crew yelling "cut!" and you were still running (and panting). haha classic!

  6. syempre medyo di ko kaya i-memorize yung 0312437. haha. :) saw you and your "bodyguards" after the race. :)

  7. "JANINE+ gumagamit ng sapatos na may microchip" --- this is your claim to fame LOL

  8. Lesan, hey you! Classic indeed. It's right up there with the "flying a kite and shutting down the whole factory" episode.

    Charles, no worries, neither can I (It was too hot to think). =) No bodyguards, just my crazy/lovable entourage. haha. Kidding.

    Jinides, if and when (knock on wood), that can be used as my eugoogooly as well... =)

  9. In fairness, that was a very good interview when Perper Oven and I watched it last Saturday night :) Keep on running!

  10. It's all in the editing. haha. Thanks, RFB. Let's gun for 25? Do we dare? haha.

  11. Naks! Sikat! What would've made it more classic Janine+ would be you tripping and breaking the microchip in the process! hahaha.. wala ka bang video na makuha of the telecast? ;)

  12. Catcat, hardly. But maybe if it were ASAP or The Buzz... haha. Trip? I don't trip. I GRACEFULLY sprawl down on the ground. =)



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