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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Endorphin Effect

After almost two weeks of not lacing up my running shoes, I finally got the chance to burn those pent up (or more aptly, spent) energy at the gym last weekend. I was only able to log 8 Kms, a small feat, considering I should be training for longer runs in time for KOTR or New Balance's half marathon. For now, I'm still undecided if it's a 10 or 21 Km in the Adidas run. Nevertheless, this was one of my enjoyable runs. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

I started with an easy pace then proceeded with bursts of 1-minute speed intervals, during which I probably hit my peak, or as some would say, the runner's high*. So, what usually happens during a runner's high anyway?

I guess the feeling differs for every person. Me? I may just have this teeny, tiny tendency of smiling myself silly while running alone, as was recently discovered when a total stranger, just a few machines away from me, smiled and waved back. Okaaaay, wha-? Oh God, did he just think I was hitting on him?!! In which I was suddenly aware that I did feel the corners of my mouth curve into a nice, big smile beforehand. Come to think of it, I vaguely remember a semi-laugh escape my lips as I exhaled. I couldn't help it, it just came naturally. As if my face wasn't red enough from the run— How em-ba-ras-sing!

Blame it on the rush of endorphins to my head, which was magnified by the Samba-themed playlist plugged into my ears; which made me think of lazy afternoons by the beach; which made me think of tanning oils and beads of sweat; which made me think of luscious, icy mango margaritas... You get the drift.

At the end of the day, I'm simply ecstatic that I got to run AND learn that I had a few pick-up tricks hidden up my sleeve that might just actually work! ;)

*Runner's High. Said to resemble a feeling of intense euphoria, these biochemicals in the brain are released and could actually alter an athlete’s mood. These chemicals are called endorphins, the brain’s naturally occurring opiates.


  1. oh my god. kaya ka nasasabihan ng "i love U2. Mahal kita" and getting kisses from strange people!!! you inadvertently smile at them! now i know.

  2. See, Chach, dancing and running apparently has the same effect!



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