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Friday, September 05, 2008

Download Nike+ Sportmusic


As a reward to those who joined the Human Race, downloadable workout music and training programs are available in

My First 10K
Designed with new 10K runners in mind, this training mix combines some of the best Latin-Alternative music, including songs from the Pinker Tones, Ceu and Nortec Collective, with coaching by Jay Blahnik to get you ready to race.,10K

Treadmill Workout
This 30 minute mix specifically combats the monotony of running on a treadmill by mixing energetic music, world-class caoching by Jay Blahnik, challenging inclines and speed changes to keep you engaged while you continue to train for any 10K after the Nike+ Human Race.,treadmill

10K Quickrun
This training mix helps you prep for the Nike+ Human Race, or any 10K, on days you don't have time for a full workout. Spend 20 minutes with fitness trainer Jay Blahnik and give your legs and lungs an effective, energizing workout.,quickrun

Disclaimer: I have yet to try these workouts, so do check back after some time to see my review. OR if you happen to have tried these out, let me know how it went for you. So far, I'm loving the "My First 10K" Samba-licious playlist.


  1. yeah, "My First 10K" is great, the first day I ran with it, I ran 6.6 km... it is awesome...

  2. Hi fotograf! I've since ran beyond 10K, but I still listen to it every now and then too. =)


    Bad links...can you possibly update them?

    1. Hi! Sorry about the bad links. They seem to have expired already (maybe because the Nike+ tech has upgraded as well?) I'll try to research for more training tips, but in the meantime, try and check out the Nike playlist on Spotify.

      Hope that helped! Thanks for visiting. :)



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