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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vacation in A Cup

What's the day going to be like when you...
  • wake up via the sound of howling winds and the promise of yet another wet, wet, wet day
  • are caught in the crossfire between a Golden Retriever, a Mini Dachschund and an Aspin (the politically correct Asong Pinoy formerly known as Askal/Crossbreed/Mutt)
  • drop, break a plate and splatter Bistek Tagalog all over yourself

If you, like me, have pretty much enough leaves to spare, you make a quick decision to forego a potentially disastrous day and take an impromptu vacation leave (assuming you don't have deadlines to meet. Thank God, I finished mine yesterday).

To those who can't, take the next best thing- A vacation in a cup!

Short of sounding like a Lipton walking advert, the milk + tea combination really does relax you. I should know, I just had one yesterday. I'm having another one today, thanks to this:

Check it out. Print it out. Step out (it's practically in every corner of the metro). And just simply zone out.

Have a blissful day, people!


  1. i like the vanilla flavor milk tea...

  2. Hi schlagger. Yep, I liked the vanilla variant too. =)



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