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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Miracle Runneth Over... Not.

I injured my foot at a photoshoot.

It would've been cool to say I hurt it by climbing up a tree to get the perfect paparazzi shot, or simply just a little klutzoid enough to trip over the camera lights... But nooo, I had to injure my foot goofing around a pseudo photoshoot (for behind-the-scene shots) making like Darna in all her flying glory. Stupid, stupid, stupidly stupid.

(The photo came out really nice though. And in just one take too! By default, since I landed hard on both heels on the first try. Nice.)

That was a Monday.

Saturday night, and it still looks like a miracle won't be happening any time soon.

There goes the Miracle Run. To all those running in Men's Health 10K marathon tomorrow, Good Luck and Kudos! for all the money you'll be raising for charity.

Don't worry, I'm still crossing my fingers for good weather.

See you at the Nike+ Human Race on the 31st!


  1. aww, that's kinda sad. hope you recover really soon! was there at the miracle run, and i heard that they didn't reach the 10,000km goal. :-(

  2. Really? That sucks. Now I feel kinda bad. Oh well, til the next charity run. Thanks for the update, DD.

  3. sayang... it was great run. :) hope to see you in the human race. :)

  4. Hi Schlagger. I know, I heard! The Human Race should be just as fun. See you on the 31st!



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