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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Of Virtual Sneakers, Red Gummies and Grape Skittles

{After 10 million sneaker changes, my Nike+ Mini Me is ready to run.}
I spent the day working while DVD marathoning The X-Files series. 2 projects, 3 book chapters (watch out for it soon!) and 6 episodes later, the lure of the internet was just too enticing.

Dawdled in 3 sites: Super poked around my Facebook; my Nike+ account; and Nikelab, which featured interviews of the designers and their rationales for the Olympic-line shoes. Cool. Since I was logged on to my Facebook account, I decided that my Nike+ Mini Me application needed a wardrobe update as well. I'm not sure if I was (A) really bored (B) really obsessed (C) really fickle (D) really enjoying playing dress-up or (E) all of the above, but it took multiple wardrobe changes before I finally decided on an outfit. After which I find out that a Human Race shirt was also available. You can probably guess what I did next. (Obsessed...)

Yep, today was pretty uneventful. My biggest accomplishment was that I made a cold nai-cha with gulaman (milk tea of Chowking fame). My highlight? The Tagalog version of Fergie's Clumsy (Lampa) that went something like this, Ako'y natisod, natapilok... Di maingat sa pagmamahal. Ako'y nadulas, umikot... Ako'y napatid, natapilok... It was probably the word natapilok used in a song. Kinda made me laugh.

Last week, I kept picking the grape skittles and red gummy candies (my favorite flavor and coloring respectively) from a jar of assorted sweets. It was all random. No cheating! ...uhm, much. It's a happy feeling, considering how crappy I felt since an injury prevented me from joining last week's race. Ordinary stuff, but then again, it was as if the stars were finally aligned in my favor.

Tomorrow is another day for more mundane happiness.

Time for a run.


  1. Wow! How'd you do the Nike+ Profile in your right-hand column? thanks!

  2. Hi! Log on to Go to Profile [Edit]. Click on [Share My Profile]. Then click on [Grab Code]. If the Grab Code button doesn't show up in your profile box, try logging into a different country like US or Singapore(country selector is at the lower corner). In your blog site, insert a Java/HTML application to your layout and just paste the code you grabbed. =)

  3. wow, thanks for sharing! :)



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