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Friday, August 01, 2008

Wonder Walls

During my home-gym rat days, a treadmill was a staple piece in the house. How often it was used remained to be seen. Eventually, it evolved to become a towel rack/shoe cabinet/dog bed. An obtrusive, unsightly one at that. (Thank God, it's gone now.)

I stumbled on these ingenious indoor climbing walls on the net. Talk about sosyal climbing. A great solution for the would-be white elephants of the fitness kind. Now, the only problem would be getting someone to actually step on these gorgeous art pieces.

Functional and fabulous... I want!

{images from nendo}

Down the hole and into Wonderland.
Scaling new heights at a climbing gym in Tokyo.

{images from Joris Laarman}
The "Ivy" Climbing Wall

Designer Joris Laarman puts the FUN in function and the IN in ordinary. Bravo.

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