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Monday, December 21, 2009

Celebratin' (Celebrity Run 2009)

{J9 is just happy to run.}

With a very leading title- Celebrity Run, one would think that you'd be running into or alongside actual celebrities during the race. Not that I was hoping to run into anyone in particular (I already have a happy photo op with one of my favorite celebrities), but I found myself craning my neck for the usual half marathon celebrities, like a certain senator PC, tycoon FZA, or the colorful host TP-V, just to be able to say I spotted one. No such sights. For starters, I got to the end of the starting line just as the 21K registrants went running off, so no time to dawdle and sight-see. On the other hand, I guess I was just too busy psyching myself up for the extra kilometers I have to log for my marathon training (Yes, I finally signed up for one. More on that soon). I did see an afro-ed coach zooming behind the Kenyan runner though. With CR's huge billboard with PP plastered in EDSA, I'm sure that counts as celebrity status.

The Run
December's cool Christmas-y air was just perfect for a long run. The surprise shower that greeted us on the first few kilometers was a welcome omen of a cloudy route ahead. Just before turning the corner, I spotted my running buddies, fellow blogger RFB (who just finished running 10K before the race) and DD a.k.a. KD (who will also be logging on extra miles after the race). We climb up the Kalayaan Flyover, which was surprisingly a breeze and quite enjoyable, unlike in my previous flyover runs.
Along the way, I saw the Ultra Marathoners- good friend, HY, included. As always, it would be the road back to Lawton Avenue that would slow me down. As would the killer McKinley Hills. Here, in this infamous "hot spot", I espied JG of running back as I was, unfortunately, wearing down. McKH, sooner or later, I WILL beat you. Or die before walking.
I crossed the finish line without breaking a personal record. My time was decent, but it wasn't the best. Good news is, I was still set to go beyond the 21K. As PPO, RFB's significant other, would say, "You don't look tired at all". (But my feet would fully negate that thought, as only a few kilometers of extra running after, had rendered those dangling things beyond my waist useless anyway). Still, it was a great boost to my full mary training goal.
Let's Do Brunch
Of course, after every good long run comes an even better meal. My sister, having broken a 10K PR (and PPO did too!), and I (having run extra) decided to treat ourselves to an "I'm so hungry, I deserve to splurge" brunch at McKH Pancake House.
I wasn't able to get paparazzi shots of her meal, but I think mine deserved a breakfast "Do" in the photo gallery.
{Project Veggie: Mushroom Omelette and the staple Cappuccino}

{PH's luscious Lemon Pancakes with Cream Cheese}
{The lightest, fluffiest, most refreshing pancake ever!
Just looking at it takes me back to a dreamy state.}


  1. pancakes!!! yum!!!

    oh... its a running blog pala. sorry.. teehee. congrats!!! =D

  2. hahaha! Who says it can't be both? We run to eat after all. Or is it the other way around? ;)Thanks for dropping by, Rod.Runn3r! Happy Holidays!

  3. Happy Holidays Janine and nice run :) I think I saw you.... but I'm not sure haha :P

  4. Hi Gingerbreadman. Was I running too fast that I was all a blur? hehehe. Just kidding... and wishing! ;) Catch you in another race. Happy Holidaze!

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