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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Snippets (Urbanathlon + New Balance Run 2009)

I may not have been the most consistent blogger lately (PLDT DSL, boo.), but I'm happy to say that I've been running races back to back to back. And I have pictures to prove it! =)

Men's Health Urbanathlon 2009

{With Rovilson of Game Plan/Amazing Race Asia.}

{Jay Em flanked by knights on the morning shift.}
{The gang with rockstar Rio!}

Since the 10K run was interspersed with various obstacles, it felt like starting a new run after every challenge zone. I barely felt the distance (Yay!). I DID feel the burn by the 5th floor on the vertical run. Challenging and fun!
To sum it up:
New Balance Power Run 2009: Raising Hope

McKinley Hills is nothing compared to McKinley Desert.
Was it just me, or did the route -with its white reflective surface- seem like one endless sandbox? Still, it was great running off those stubborn calories!

{Reminiscing K2}

{With Hector. Visit Second Wind Running Store's 2nd branch at Ortigas Home Depot.}
P.S. Corregidor, I'll be conquering YOU tomorrow!


  1. Me too! I've joined 3 back to back races, going on 4 if I join the Mighty Run this Sunday. Sarap tumakbo sa beach! :D Medyo painful on the ankles though...

  2. Ooh, someone's back, baby! =) hehe. Don't let D hear you or else he might impose- oops, suggest that you wear those ugly black feet too! ;) Kidding. Perfect shoes for beach running! haha



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