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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Sunsets With Piolo (Sunpiology Run 2015)

Ahhh, a sunset run with Piolo... 

Hey, a girl can hope, right? ;) 

Kidding aside, it was my first time to join a Sunpiology Run (it's an annual thing), and I'm happy to say that a Piolo Pascual sighting was a success. haha. I kinda got a clue that Piolo was nearby when we (Per and me) had to move aside and let squealing girls overtake us to get closer to Piolo. We only got a glimpse of him, but it was enough to concur that THAT MAN-GOD DOES NOT SWEAT. How embarassing for us grape-faced girls!

Aside from our first time running alongside Piolo, it was also our first time running a race in McKinley Park. We've passed through it during a training session there once last year just before our Tokyo trip, so we knew how the lack of trees at the height of summer was nothing short of grueling. ~ugh~ Thank goodness they held the run at sundown, because these supposedly -ber months are not brr-ful at all. It was also nice that we didn't have to compete with the cars on the road, though going outside McKinley and onto Lawton is a different story. (I'm sure the drivers stuck on the road were more annoyed. hehe)

This year's Sunpiology theme by Sun Life Insurance is a fight against diabetes. The race was part run and part obstacle course. Per and I joined the 5K category, while Dennis ran the 10K. There were about 2 obstacles included at the 5K route, one portion is to avoid barrels of "sodas" and other sugary drinks (FYI, that's how you actually prevent diabetes), and the other we had to crawl through strings with sponges scattered about (The symbolism for the second obstacle was lost on me). 

All in all, it was a pretty good event and a great way to spend a Saturday PM. 

With Dennis (Running Fat Boy) and Per at McKinley Park


  1. Papa Piolo or Alden from Mcdonalds Run?

    1. Doesn't really matter. I can't have both anyway... hahaha ;)



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