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Monday, November 23, 2015

Gotta Get, Gotta Run (Gatorade Run 2015)

Gatorade has always been a friendly face in most road races. He's always been a welcome sight at drinking stations and finisher loot bags. ;) haha. But this time, no longer satisfied sitting on the sidelines, Gatorade finally takes center stage and hosts its very own run!

Last Sunday's Gatorade Run 2015 was 8,000 runners strong. Not a bad turn out at all for their first run. The race, organized by Run Rio, was very organized. From the time I got to the venue to collect my race kit, until I crossed the finish line and got my finisher treats, everything went down smoothly.

Oh, and did you notice that something clever went down too? The Gatorade Run was hashtagged #Gatorade1122 because it was held on November 22 and only had (the odd) categories of 11 and 22 kilometers. It's things like that shows how Gatorade/organizers/agency tried to make every little thing special, I think. An Easter egg at the run, if you will. haha.

I did the 11K run which ran past MOA's Sunset Blvd. to Roxas Blvd. and just looped back. Though not a chilly morning for a November, it was cloudy, which was good enough for me. A relaxed, easy run, just the way Sundays should be. :) 

Runners in traffic cone orange singlets. You can't miss 'em.

Unlimited supply of Gatorade at the Drinking Stations.

The arch before the finish line arch was a nice touch for that last push.

Perky cheerleaders were a welcome sight!

The Gatorade Recovery Tent at the end of the race route.

Shoe off.

This cold bath is exclusively for the coconut drinks only.
No runners allowed to jump in. ;)

The hosts: Susie and Jinno (heehee)
(Okay, did I just reveal my era?)

Finisher Loot bag includes:
Gatorade, Tropicana coconut water drinks, Premier water, and an Adidas finisher shirt.
Taho not included.

Congratulations, Gatorade, for a job well done! Thank you for an enjoyable, stress-free race. Looking forward to next year's run!

P.S. Oh, and thank you for the race kit too! :)

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