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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Electric Thoughts

I haven't been back in tip top running form for the past few months due to a health scare (I'll talk about that next time), but of course, exercising is, and will always be, a big MUST for me. Recently, a lot of my friends have been convincing me to try out indoor cycling with them. I've tried spinning a couple of years back, and to be honest, it didn't really do anything for me then. My thought bubble read: I'd rather be out running.

Well, since I've had to take things (literally) slower for now, I thought I'd give spinning another try. And there are two things that I discovered: One, that I enjoy this new found form of fitness; and Two, that I'm not as competitive as I was before (see here). haha. Must be the wisdom throughout these years. ;) 

This is my updated thought bubble on Indoor Cycling (or why I do it):

1. I succumb to peer-pressure. I'm a good friend. 
My friend, Leslie, convinced a bunch of us to sign up for indoor cycling so she can get free rides for the referrals. Well played, Leslie. Well played.

2. Cycling is tough, challenging, and fun.
Considering I wrote cycling off already before, I'm glad I gave this another go. Who knows, I might just get on the saddle, and then ride off to do a triathlon next. We shall see...

3. Intense workout in 45 minutes.
I haven't actually completed a whole class without stopping or slowing down, but I'm getting there. And the arm workout... ~Ugh~ Ohh, fiiiine, fine. 

4. Music moves me.
One of the great things about indoor cycling is their party vibe and infectious energy. You can even choose your ride based on the instructor's playlist/personality too! My latest class was Maroon 5 everything. My favorite part was when "Sunday Morning" played. Such a chill ride.  haha. Ang daya. ;)

5. Cycling Circle
Just like in the running community, it's nice to meet new people who share the same excitement over something. Random people fist bump you before the class, and encourage you through it without judgement. Post-ride analysis (especially since I'm a newbie) is also a a nice bonding moment. Asking someone "What's your butt supposed to do in a boomerang?" while wearing spandex sounds really sleazy-weird, but is amusingly quite normal here.

Electric Studio, is an indoor cycling boutique, located in Forbestown, Fort BGC. I got their First Timer Package, which is 5 rides for P1500. Pretty good deal! Plus, I got an extra ride from their ongoing referral promo too. ;) 

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