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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Join the Running Revolution with Adidas Energy Boost

{Aaaaahhh, Godzilla Monstah!!!}
{Of course, in my head, he looked much more terrifying than this. 
I had an unlimited budget for SFX (special effects).}
Running is a mind game. 

We all know that. 

I don't even remember how many times I've tried to trick myself into finishing a run when every muscle in my body just wants to give up and quit. 

There are the usual suspects in boosting a run. Of course, the number one not-so-secret thing to do is train. The next thing is to arm yourself with the proper equipment like running shoes. Other alternative ways I've tried include having a running mantra, pumping up with magic grass (not THAT kind of grass!), and getting other runners to spill the beans on how to run 60 flights of stairs in 60 seconds.

But the craziest mind game I play that makes running way more fun and gives me that added energy boost is the Godzilla run.

You see, I have this recurring dream (3x already) that I'm being chased down by Godzilla! I start off just driving in town (which looks vaguely like Manhattan) when this gigantic monster starts to chase after us (Us, being me and Matthew Broderick. He was my passenger.). Then I remember thinking it would be faster if I just get on foot and run! So I do. I run as fast as I can, then eventually grow wings and fly over an indoor giant wave pool! Crazy.

Believe me, when you're on the last few, excruciating kilometers and just want to speed up and finish, this visualization works. Plus, starring in that little movie in your mind makes it way more enjoyable. I even have a soundtrack for the chase scene!

But since not everyone gets "high" on shots of wheatgrass while watching an HBO movie starring a giant lizard (haha. I'm KIDDING, okay?), then it's a safe bet to just go with a good pair of running shoes. ;)

Adidas just came out with a new boost for your runs. Aptly called Boost, this innovative shoe is centered on propriety cushioning material that allows the runner to feel a continuous energy return. The revolutionary technology allows small energy capsules in the soles to store and unleash energy more efficiently with every stride. Think of it as a springboard where every step you make feels like you're being catapulted off the ground. 

Additional features include a special mid foot frame, an extended Torsion system to minimize roll for more stability, adiwear outsole to reduce wear in key areas, and an external heel counter to maximize heel fit and comfort. Plus, it's compatible with the Adidas miCoach system too!

Now that the secret is out, you can head off to an Adidas store and check it out. Or you can reserve a pair right away via

Godzilla as Himself
Matthew Broderick as The Passenger
[Insert Your Name Here] as Driver/Runner/Giant Japanese Lizard's Dinner


  1. i need new running shoes. wonder if this comes in brighter colors? (i like attention. haha!)

  2. Hmm, not sure if they do. So far i've only seen black. Hopefully they come out w color though. :)

  3. Hey, guess what, jinides! Boost came out w new colors for the shoe. Red for men's, teal for women's. :)



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