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Friday, February 10, 2012

CONTEST WINNERS: How To Finish 60 Flights of Stairs in 60 Minutes

Yesterday, Skechers Philippines gave me ten (10) Discovery Vertical Race 5K race kits to give away to ten crazy readers. Thanks for sharing your gameplan, guys! It was a blast reading them. Now you need a new gameplan because your secret has been revealed. ;)

And the winners of a (1) 5K race kit are: 
1. Christopher Iblan  
2. Alison I. Barrero
3. Claridel Guanseng
4. Richard Francia
5. Leticia Guilas
6. Elvin A. Evalla
7. Leandro Clor
8. Jarowin Villaruel
9. Leonard Clor
10. Hanna Rose Pua

You can claim your race kits in Skechers store in Market!Market! this afternoon (1 PM onwards) until tomorrow. February 10-11 (Mall Hours).  And while you're at it, check out their line of barefoot running shoes Skechers GO RUN. Congratulations! Enjoy the race. Go crazy! GO RUN!

Check out their Crazy Runners' Gameplan on HOW TO FINISH 60 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS IN 60 SECONDS...

1. I will set myself on a giant catapult, angry bird style!
2. I'll set myself in a pulley system. The cable's ends are for me and weights (probably double my weight). Probably, wearing a cape for my debut flight. :)
3. I will wear sexy running attire to distract my opponent para maunahan ko sila.
4. I'll bring my bodyguards to wash away the other runners.
5. I will eat a lot of chocnuts para hyper!!
6. I will put a spring on my feet so that I can jump several steps and leapfrog on other runners.
7. I will practice as early as now to win.
8. I will take lots of energy drink to be stronger and faster.
9. I will wear nothing soI'll be lighter during the run.
10. I will ask for powers from my ancient Chinese relatives.


  1. Thank you!

    1. You're welcome. Hope you had a good, hop-py run! hehe ;)

  2. Replies
    1. You're welcome! Keep on runnin' so that you keep those heads turning! ;)



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