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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Core Essentials (Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home)

{Core Essentials}
{Set Up for the Day}
There are marathons- the 42K kind, and there are marathons- the DVD kind. And since I just finished the former (read about it here), I think I'll be indulging in the latter one today. :)

Weekends just vegging out at home is something I've been looking forward to lately. Maybe it's the long hours spent in the office that you just terribly miss your home furniture, or maybe it's ~gasp!~ the ageing thing. haha. Nevertheless, bumming around in front of the TV doesn't mean you can't be productive, right?

So, how to be productive while watching TV? Work the core! No sense getting a guilt trip over the spoonfuls of Cookie Butter I've been downing since I woke up this morning, eh?

{DVD Marathon Buddy}
Why, hello, core ball and yoga mat! And hello... dust bunnies??? Looks like I'll be needing a housekeeping intermission before starting the program. Haaay, dirty workout place, hassle ka sa earth.

So much for spring cleaning though. I had to stop vacuuming because the noise cancelled out my first agenda (watching DVDs. haha). Not to mention how my "boss" kept giving me evil glances and running around barking because he hates the loud noise from the vacuum cleaner. I really need to get one of those silent vacuums (for science geeks, pun not intended). I hear Electrolux came out with the noiseless and eco-friendly, UltraSilencer Green. Hmm, I must put that on my Dear Universe wishlist!

{Imp, my favorite permanent fixture, hates loud noise!}
{Electrolux UltraSilencer Green}
Dear Universe, 

My inner domestic goddess NEEDS this vacuum cleaner. Why? Let me count the ways. 
1. It's silent yet deadly (on annoying dust bunnies!)
2. It's eco-friendly (it consumes less energy and is made from recycled plastic)
3. It's so sleek and designed really well.
4. I have a dog AND wall to wall carpeting AND a need to multi-task (Is it just me, or does the weekends seem to be getting shorter?)

Oh, and Universe, since we're on the topic, can you throw in the Electrolux PowerMix blender as well? I think my Cookie Butter addiction needs a healthier sidekick. Soy fruit smoothies, anyone? ;) 

{Electrolux PowerMix Silent Blender}
If you want to know more about these mean, clean and green machines, check out Electrolux Philippines' Official Website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. 

Now, back to my eyeball... umm, abs roll exercises. ;)

Have a healthy weekend, guys! 


  1. i think i should multi-task couch-potatoing and core-workout as well. thanks for giving me an idea!

    1. Yup! No excuses. You only have yourself to blame when bikini season comes, right? ;) haha



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